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If Eve Side-Stealer & Mary Busted-Chest Ruled the World.

    What if Eve was an Indian
   & Adam was never kneaded
   from earth, Eve was the Earth
   & ribs were her idea all along?
   What if Mary was an Indian
   & when Gabriel visited her wigwam
   she was away at a monthly wrc clinic
   receiving eggs, boxed cheese
   & peanut butter instead of Jesus?
   What if God was an Indian
   with turquoise wings & coral breasts
   who invented a game called White Man Chess
   played on silver boards with all white pieces
   pawns & kings & only one side, the white side
   & the more they won the more they were beaten?
   What if the world was an Indian
   whose head & back were flat from being strapped
   to a cradleboard as a baby, & when she slept
   she had nightmares lit up by yellow-haired men & ships
   scraping anchors in her throat? What if she wailed
   all night while great waves rose up carrying the fleets
   across her flat back, over the edge of the flat world? 
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Author:Diaz, Natalie
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2010
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