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Idris Elba hits the N-word on the head.

He's one of the coolest guys ever and it turns out Idris Elba is as forwardthinking as he is edgy.

#trending chatted to the actor in London last week where he opened up about raising children - and says he's had enough of the N-word in films. The Luther star said: "I am sick of seeing some historical show where it's all black people and it's about slavery or it's about civil rights. If you are going to do something historical with a lot of black people in it, let's use different stories and not just, 'Let's use the N-word over and over again'. It's boring."

The star, who spoke to parliament this week about increasing diversity, added: "It's not just about saying, 'Let's have more black people on TV'. You have to do something." With the storm around race at The Oscars, he's not alone in taking a stand.

He also revealed his approach to parenting his teenager, saying: "For a dad raising a young girl, one of the scariest things is seeing my daughter not sure. I would rather my daughter be able to say no."

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 24, 2016
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