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Idiocracy now!

I think David Weigel was expecting too much from the movie Swing Vote ("Idiocracy Now!," November). If you want movies that are high-level commentary on the state of the world from a libertarian perspective, then you should only attend movies that are previewed at the offices of reason or at the Cato Institute. Swing Vote is not on my list of the 10 best movies, but it is on my 20 best movies list.

Scott Lieberman

San Jose, CA

David Weigel replies: If I had seen only 21 movies in my life, then I too could place Swing Vote in my all-time top 20. (It would help if one of the other movies was Batman and Robin.) But I don't think I could have spared myself any heartbreak by only seeing movies with a think-tank ideological seal of approval. The premiere I saw was sponsored by Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform. It was a conservative crowd. The movie was the exact opposite--a treacly, hopeful message that if Americans got their heads together, they'd demand a better welfare state from their leaders.

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Author:Lieberman, Scott; Weigel, David
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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