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Identical twins are A-list stars! ++ GCSE RESULTS ++.

Byline: By Warren Manger

THEY say two heads are better than one and that's certainly true when those heads belong to super-smart twins Tom and Jim Chen.

The 16-year-olds, from Banner Brook Park, Tile Hill, Coventry, are celebrating after notching up an incredible 17 A*s and 7 As between them in their GCSE exams.

And the identical twins picked up almost identical results at Bablake School in Coundon Road, Radford, on Thursday.

The only difference in their grades was that Tom earned an A* in English while Jim had to settle for an almost as impressive A.

Tom, who is older than his brother by just five minutes, said: "We were both pleased with our results - they were about what we expected.

"It was pretty difficult. The workload definitely increased in the last year but not to the extent where we had to work all the time."

Despite their top-class results, the boys, who enjoy playing badminton and chess in their spare time, insist there is no sibling rivalry to see who can do best.

Jim said: "We're not really that competitive. If I do get a result

that is better I might gloat to Tom a little bit.

"Having a brother is very helpful most of the time; we can discuss difficult questions together."

The twins will both now stay on at Bablake School to study physics, economics, maths and further maths at A-level and history at AS-level.

They both cite maths as their favourite subject and say they have similar interests, which is why they separately chose to study the same A-levels.

Tom and Jim both hope to go to university after completing their A-levels.

Proud mum Wei said: "I'm very proud of them. They are good boys and I have never had to worry about them or force them to do their work."


SMART LADS... Brothers Jim and Tom Chen celebrate their results. Picture: James Balfour JB220808TWIN-02
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Aug 23, 2008
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