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Idealist political philosophy; pluralism and conflict in the absolute idealist tradition.


Idealist political philosophy; pluralism and conflict in the absolute idealist tradition.

Tyler, Colin.

Continuum Publishing Group


220 pages



Continuum studies in British philosophy:


Tyler (political theory, U. of Hull) combats idealism's reputation as otherworldly, unrealistic, and dangerously conservative as he analyzes the work of Hegel, Green, Caird and Bosanquet. Using newly-discovered British idealist manuscripts, he concentrates on such issues as Hegel's take on the formation of states and the nature of war, Green on franchise reform and its application to his "working theory of life," Caird's work on history and Sittlichkeit, Bosanquet on individuality and the sate, and the applications of idealism to such current preoccupations as cultural diversity. In the process he notes the inevitability of idealism creeping in without notice on such issues as the design of civil institutions, political and social pluralism, and the tragedy of human progress.

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