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Idea for pre-school TV without ads.

Byline: Jonathan Walker

An MP is to introduce a Bill banning food and drink advertising during pre-school children's television programmes.

Debra Shipley (Lab Stourbridge) said she was bringing the Bill following growing concern over the high fat, high sugar and high salt foods aimed at preschool children.

Last year Ms Shipley tabled a Parliamentary motion calling for a ban on television advertising during programmes for underfives, which was signed by over 120 MPs.

Ms Shipley, who is a Member of the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee, said: 'There is an overwhelming strength of feeling on this issue from parents and my parliamentary colleagues that there should be legislation preventing food and drink ads aimed at toddlers.

'There has been great concern about the influence TV adverts have on the choice of food that their children eat and the possible impact it has on health.'

She added: 'I have raised my concerns about this issue with the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport and with the Department of Health whose own campaign to tackle child obesity is being undermined.

'I strongly believe toddlers should have TV time which is free from harmful advertising.'


Debra Shipley
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 10, 2003
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