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Iconosys announces new products.


Mobile communications technology provider Iconosys Inc has announced its new solution integrating text messaging with the needs of professionals in real estate, medical offices and dental offices or for appointment setters of all types.

According to the company, its Mighty SMS, originally a research and development project designed to explore possibilities and enhance the company's SMS Replier and DriveReply products, has evolved into a text message scheduling system that allows professionals to setup reminders for their clients and patients and enables them to send their clients and customers courtesy notices/reminders prior to their scheduled meetings and thank you notes afterward.

Mighty SMS has a personal version, where all features are managed on the phone itself, and a professional version with more functionality. The app can be administered through an Internet interface and scheduling can be done in real time and as the appointments are being scheduled.

The company also said it plans to integrate the app into Google Calendar and Outlook in the near future as a plug-in for ease of management by office staff and appointment setters.

Currently, a personal user can use the solution to pre-program text message salutations to their friends and professional contacts. In the Professional version, customised replies can be generated that remind clients and patients of upcoming appointments, with information about contacting the user back if there are any changes.

Mighty SMS is available to the personal User for USD3.99 per month and for the business or professional user at USD59.99 per year. The integrated web interface tools are scheduled to be made available in September 2010 for professional users only at a USD39 per month maintenance fee. Professional users price includes 60 minutes of tech support per year for setup, changes and migration advice.

The service currently requires a Windows Mobile 6.5 or Windows Phone 7. The company also plans to offer the product on the Android platform when the Android Tablet is released closer to Christmas 2010.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Aug 12, 2010
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