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Icefresh launches Vaasan ready to bake patisserie range for UK retailers.

Icefresh Foods, in partnership with Vaasan & Vaasan, has launched a range of frozen bake-off patisserie products to the retail market, including Danish pastries. The range features premium lines and is available either under the Vaasan brand or as private label.

Vaasan & Vaasan, based in Finland, is best known in the UK for crispbreads. However, with 150 years of baking experience the company is also one of Scandinavia's leading frozen bake-off product manufacturers and has a strong presence in several European markets and the US. Now it has chosen Icefresh as its UK partner, to help break into the British frozen food retail market.

Consumers are already familiar with the concept of bake-off, especially with breads. Icefresh believes its bake-off patisserie range will bring new profit potential to the frozen food cabinet. "The UK frozen desserts market is in strong need of innovation to stimulate interest," says Mark Cobb, Sales Manager for Icefresh. "Convenience home baking is a winning concept and these apple, lemon and toffee Danishes are fantastic quality products."

The company's claims are based on solid market research: to support the product launch Icefresh commissioned in-home testing on 300 UK households which, it says, produced "extremely strong and encouraging results."

The brand will be supported with above the line spend focusing on delivering a real taste of bake-off to the shopper. In-store POS, magazine editorials and in-store-tastings (where possible) will all help to drive trial and repeat purchase.

Currently Icefresh is supplying packs of 480gm (8-10 pieces) with a typical RSP of 1.99 [pounds sterling].

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Date:Sep 1, 2004
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