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IceCycles - New Book Chronicles the Todd Ice story, The Youngest Death Row Inmate in History.

Authors Nixon-John and Noelker Pen Story Surrounding this "All American Boy" Turned Cold Blooded Killer

LOS ANGELES -- IceCycles, due to be completed in the spring of 2007, is a remarkable, graphic and spiritual retelling of events leading up to, as well as the fallout of the two Todd Ice murder trials. Chilling in the same way as Truman Capote's In Cold Blood mesmerized readers, IceCycles, analyzes how abuse and illness of a child can lead to the death of another. At the same time, the book questions the American criminal justice system. IceCycles is a descriptive narrative, with chapters highlighted by "on the record" transcripts, reports, records, poetry and letters from Ice. Ice, in lurid details, describes a Kentucky maximum-security prison commonly referred to as "The Castle" from a 15 year-old's point of view. IceCycles also includes details of his "intimate relationship" with another male death row inmate and an "older" paraprofessional.

"We never forgive the heinous crime, but use his story to delve into the way his family among others failed him and his victims," says co-author Dr. Robert Noelker. Co-author Dr. Gloria Nixon-John adds, "Prepare yourself for a compelling and disturbing account of the bizarre events leading up to and following the Ice trials. This is not a feel good book."

Noelker uncovers the complex mix of cultural, familial, environmental and psychodynamic forces that led Ice to kill. "Certain conditions exacerbated Ice's deep seated psychological pre-disposition for violence," explains Noelker. "This is why we also focus on the Kentucky community in which his pathology began to fester," adds Nixon-John. The authors believe IceCycles will serve as a warning to readers, particularly parents, teachers and social workers, that it takes a village to raise a child.

Readers will be forced to confront the descriptive, deplorable acts that led Ice to believe he was saving himself and the child he killed. Noelker points out the challenge publishers face confronting a story about murder, but believes that shedding light on the multifaceted causes of this crime will increase understanding and compassion for Todd Ice.

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Date:Jan 30, 2007
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