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Ice stars put on wicked display.

Byline: Marianne Robson

What: Snow White On Ice

Where: Darlington Civic Theatre

When: Until tomorrow

Verdict: A fairy tale told in a beautiful and spectacular way without a single word

THERE'S a chill in the air at Darlington Civic this week. And it has nothing to do with the fact the theatre's stage has been transformed into an ice rink.

It's Snow White's step mum, Altea the witch. And besides being evil as they come, she's a wicked ice skater!

You wouldn't want to be on the first row when she zooms around in an erratic fashion while plotting to kill her stepdaughter. That's probably why they've closed the first three rows off...

But don't worry. Even though the Darlington stage is much smaller than the others they've used on their tour, none of the cast has toppled over the edge yet, so the risk of getting a 12 inch metal blade in your head is remote.

Svetlana Kuprina, who plays the witch, is not the only one who gives a breathtaking performance on the ice.

Many of the Russian Ice Stars have excelled in European and World championships and they are joined by some Russian acrobats who have successfully made the transition from circus performers to ice skaters.

Comical elements are provided by two geese Snow White meets in the forest. And then there are the dwarfs - a lot cuter than the geri- atric ones in the Disney version.

This Wild Rose production is a fantastic show with beautiful costumes impressively choreo- graphed by Guiseppe Arena - the creative master behind the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin this year.

And fellow Italian Silvio Amato composed the magical music.

All in all, a show deserving 6.0 on everybody's score card.
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Title Annotation:News Local
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2006
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