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Ice man cometh back to life.

A British scientist yesterday threw new light on the lifestyle of stone age man.

Researchers have reconstructed the lifestyle of a 5,000-year-old man, whose preserved remains were found high in the Alps, by using clues in moss and pollen.

The corpse of Oetzi the iceman was found by chance when hikers stumbled on his remains in 1991, a find hailed as one of the most exciting ever by archaeologists.

His remains, complete with copper axe and bow and arrows, were preserved in the icy mountain wilderness between Austria and Italy for 5,300 years. They have been extensively studied, but experts at Glasgow University have put forward new claims.

Jim Dickson, Professor of archaeobotany at Glasgow University, has also resolved a dispute over whether Oetzi came from the Italian or Austrian side of the border.

Other specialists had put forward different theories about how the iceman lived.

Prof Dickson, working with Prof Klaus Oeggl of Innsbruck University, found that Oetzi was a meat eater, probably a shepherd, suffered arthritis and diarrhoea, and was aged about 46 - ancient in stone age terms.

Moss found on the corpse indicated that he came from the south.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 22, 1999
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