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Ibn Tumlus (Alhagiag Bin Thalmus d. 620/1223), Compendium on Logic (al-Muhtasar fi al-mantiq).


Ibn Tumlus (Alhagiag Bin Thalmus d. 620/1223), Compendium on Logic (al-Muhtasar fi al-mantiq)

Edited by Fouad Ben Ahmed



586 pages



Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science; Volume 110


Ahmed presents a new Arabic edition of a work on logic by Ibn Tumlus (d. 620/1223), a philosopher, physician, and direct discipline of Ibn Rusd (Averroes), who lived and practiced rational sciences in Alzira and Marrakesh a quarter century after the demise of his teacher. He and his writing disprove the notion that Ibn Rusd's work on logic died with him and was forgotten. Ibn Tumlus was undoubtedly born in Alzira, in what is now the province of Valencia in Spain, though the year is uncertain. Biographers say he pursued most disciplines, but emphasize his commitment to philosophy, medicine, grammar, and poetry. The date of this work is not known, nor does it have a clear title. It is his only book on logic. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Feb 1, 2020
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