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Ian Hyland's TV week: Whopper way to go.

Byline: Ian Hyland

GOOD to see Ross Kemp getting back into the swing of things after Without Motive flopped.

He popped up in Back To The Floor (BBC2, Tuesday) thinly-disguised as Burger King boss Eric Bonnot.

After the stories you hear about hygiene in fast food joints I'm just surprised the show wasn't called back from the floor.

This feeling grew when I saw a very sweaty BK lass wiping her nose with her hand.

Still, Eric was a likeable chap who'd been poached from the shoe business - those of you who've ever had one of BK's leathery Whoppers will know it's not that strange a career move.

But he admitted that he wasn't cut out for working in a BK joint. Well, what he actually said was that he had difficulty switching his brain off.

Which is much the same thing.


PRIZE FRIES: Ross and Eric
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 11, 2001
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