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IXC Selects Vina Technologies' Multiservice T1 Integrator for Its Integrated Access Service Solution; Integrated Voice, Internet and Data Services At Lower Costs.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 1999--

VINA Technologies, a leading provider of integrated access devices, today announced that its Multiservice T1 Integrator(R) has been selected by IXC Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IIXC) for its Integrated Access service solution.

Designed for the small to medium-sized business, the Multiservice T1 Integrator is a leading integrated access device that connects the customer premises to IXC's network. IXC's Integrated Access service solution reduces service costs by offering customers a combination of voice, frame relay, private line, and high-speed Internet services on a single, dedicated T1 line.

"Before Integrated Access, customers would have to purchase a separate dedicated access line and equipment for each service they wanted. Now customers are able to order a single T1 line for Internet, frame relay, voice and/or private line services, which significantly reduces their business costs," said Tim Coffey, IXC's director of voice and integrated services.

"The Multiservice T1 Integrator is a one-stop hardware solution that requires fewer lines and less hardware, yet provides faster data transfer, which translates into lower costs for the small to mid-size business," said Steve Bauman, president and CEO, VINA Technologies. "Small to medium-sized business customers who traditionally had to rely on separate providers and equipment vendors for each service can now benefit from IXC's single integrated T1 solution, using VINA's single 'box' that supports all of their voice and data needs."

VINA's Multiservice T1 Integrator eliminates redundant equipment and allows businesses to save money and improve network access speeds. It also performs the functions of a channel bank, router, and multiplexer in a single device, simplifying troubleshooting and maintenance.

"This single-box integrated solution simplified our voice and data communications by reducing the number of pieces of equipment to manage, as well as the overall cost for the services and equipment," said Brian Hawkins of Frontier Adjusters. "Also, we were able to lower our service costs, since it connects all of our voice and data communications over a single T1 phone line."

IXC's Integrated Access service with VINA's T1 Integrator is immediately available nationwide. IXC's CPE services group will provide all technical support for VINA's access device, including configuration, testing and installation.

About IXC Communications

IXC's network-based delivery solutions are designed to address the speed and capacity requirements of the global communications market. IXC offerings include private line, fast packet (ATM and frame relay), Internet and long distance switched and dedicated services. IXC Communications Inc. is at the forefront of the industry's new class of emerging domestic and international carriers. IXC is a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq under the symbol IIXC. For more information, visit IXC's Web site at

About VINA Technologies

Founded in 1996, VINA Technologies leads the way in providing advanced integrated access solutions at the network edge. Marketed to service providers and distributors, VINA's reliable, carrier-class solutions enable service providers to cost-effectively deliver enhanced voice, video, data and Internet services by leveraging their existing network infrastructures. Designed for small to mid-sized businesses and branch offices (10 to 144 employees), VINA's multiservice product families offer compact, flexible devices that simplify the provisioning and management of carrier services, while providing true voice/data convergence in TDM and ATM-based networks.

VINA Technologies' headquarters is located at 42709 Lawrence Place, Fremont, CA 94538; telephone: 1-888-774-VINA;
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Date:Sep 8, 1999
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