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IWKA tube filling line & Packaging System. (Packaging & Equipment Spotlight).

IWKA PacSystems, Fairfield, NJ, is now offering its newly designed TFS 80 tubefiller. The company has designed the tube filling system with 13 individual servo drives and pre-assembled fill parts to maintain production efficiencies and institute an easy cleanup and product changeover. The PC-controlled tubefiller is designed to maximize production efficiencies and minimize human error by providing easy touch screen access to guide the operator through all phases of production and levels of understanding. From the self-teaching tutorial, through automated servo settings, program data, self-diagnostics, a screen-displayed spare parts catalog and trouble-shooting guide, the company has designed a tubefiller for speed and simplicity of operation.

Also available from IWKA is an integrated packaging system for the cosmetic and personal care market. This packaging system aims to combine multiple product components within a single SKU item by combining the tube filling and cartoning operation into a small footprint automated tube filling and cartoning system. The TFS 10 tubefiller features vernier and quick-release levers to provide a virtually tool-free changeover that accommodates products ranging from viscous to watery consistency into tube sizes from 3 grams to 250 grams. The mini-compact vertical cartoner offers rapid tool-less changeover on an intermittent motion system that handles a wide range of carton sizes and styles with straight, reverse tuck or glued flaps.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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