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IWF 2002 show stoppers. (D - H).


DISA Systems Inc.

DISA Systems introduces its Cyclofilter, which the company says combines true cyclonic separation with the filtration capabilities of a baghouse all in a single unit. It uses compressed air for cleaning the filter bags and is available in sizes from 10,000 to 60,000 cfm in a single unit.

(800) 533-5286

Booth #4715

Circle #495


DPI, a division of Advanced Finishing Technologies

DPI, a division of Advanced Finishing Technologies, introduces a small double-end tenoner. Its 7.5-hp motors can trim and cope workpieces as small as 4 in. in length and at rates of 30 to 150 fpm. It features a hopper feed, synchronized positioning and automatic return. Manual controls are standard, but CNC is also available.

(269) 684-2259

Booth #6683

Circle #496

Danckaert Woodworking Machinery


The Simimpianti throughfeed press from Danckaert is a high-capacity semi-automatic or fully-automated pressing line. The press is equipped with specially-designed rains which guarantee a high uniformity in pressure distribution, the company says. Scanners are also sold as an option on the machine.

(404) 873-6477

Booth #4813

Circle #497


Daubert Chemical Co.

Daubert Chemical offers the CBS 2002 Gottschild trimming and buffing system. In addition to showcasing this system, the company also consults as needed regarding thermoform processing and the Daubond adhesive line.

(800) 688-0459

Booth #2526

Circle #498


Decorative Veneer

Decorative Veneer can apply UV-cured powder coat finishing on MDF. The company says it can apply this fmish via a one-step operation. According to the company, this finish outperforms traditional wet and laminate finishes.

(800) 878-9844

Booth #4313

Circle #499


Decore-ative Specialties

Decore-ative Specialties has recently introduced four applied moulding door styles. These new doors reflect the trend toward more detailed door designs. The Chesapeake and Mendocino doors feature a smaller, more intricate detail, while the Bellingham and Solana doors show a larger, bolder design.

(877) 433-2673

Booth #1827

Circle #500


DeHart Tooling

DeHart Tooling now offers custom ground insert knives for replacement on tools by all major cutting toolmakers. With a grinding facility in North America, custom profile drawings can be received via fax or the company's FTP Web site.

(800) 438-5771

Booth #7840

Circle #501


Delle Vedove

The Superfici USA twin spray machine from Delle Vedove is equipped with two reciprocating arms, driven by a brushless motor and sliding on high-precision guides. Its main features include high-production capacity, easy programming, overspray recovery and low material waste, says the company.

(704) 921-9788

Booth #6253

Circle #502


Delmac Machinery Group

Gabbiani's SI Series of single- and double-end tenoners from DMG can be equipped with a variety of sizing, squaring, drilling, folding, sanding, profiling, sash shaping, chamfering and tenoning options as well as NC control of each axis. They are available with S-position rotary tool changers with the capability to carry up to 16 tools with a maximum tool diameter of 200mm. Tracks comes in 80mm and 45mm widths, which allows double side machining of parts to 4.3 in.

(336) 854-1211

Booth #8106

Circle #503


Alexander Dodds Co.

Alexander Dodds offers a variety of machinery including a dovetail system. The company says it offers machinery and equipment that can help a company make from 10 to 10,000 drawers a day. This includes the complete line of dovetail drawer machines and assembly equipment.

(800) 843-6337

Booth #8762

Circle #504



The Progress Model PMC 202-6 is a low-cost, manually operated, 72-in. sanding and polishing machine. Built around an all-welded structure, it features dust hoods on both sides, a table with steel rollers and virtually wear-free balanced and quiet running aluminum pulleys with sealed ball bearings.

(819) 367-2633

Booth #5135

Circle #505


Drawer Box Specialties

Aromatic cedar is now available as an in-stock item at DBS. It is available in 1/2-in. and in. thicknesses, in heights of 3 in., 4 in., 5 in., 7 in. and 9 in., with a recommended corner of dovetail. Bottoms may be 1/4-in. aromatic cedar ply to match or any other material in the company's line.

(800) 422-9881

Booth #1713

Circle #506


Dustek, a division of Boshco Inc.

Dustek, a division of Boshco, offers the Whispurr dust collector series. The line is available in Models 1000, 1500 and 2000 with 10, 15 or 20 hp motors and 4,000, 5,000 or 7,000 cfm ratings. It is suitable for installations requiring very low noise, says the company.

(978) 667-1911

Booth #6040

Circle #507


Dynabrade Inc.

The Dynorbital-Spirit air-powered random orbital sander from Dynabrade Inc. has a 12,000-rpm motor and is available in 3-in., 3 1/2-in., 5-in, and 6-in, diameter models. It offers three different sanding orbit diameters: 3/8 in., us 3/16 in. and 3/32 in. It is available as a non-vacuum sander, a basic sander, deluxe vacuum self-generated vacuum and central vacuum-ready sanders.

(716) 631-0100

Booth #3736

Circle #508


E & R System Technik

The Stegherr KF mini coping station from E&R System Technik uses a manual sliding operation. The machine table slides against the fixed left- and right-fence stops and two high-speed milling spindles using insert tooling, rotating in opposite directions, to cope the stock. It is also available with a miter table for coping at angles [+ or -] 45[degrees].

(413) 827-7600

Booth #6718

Circle #509



The Ecogate Master system automatically closes motorized blast gates for non-operating machinery and regulates the power of a dust collector, which the company says provides energy savings of up to 80%. A PLC computer maintains 4,000-fpm air velocity in the main duct. The system is suitable for a one-person shop or for large-scale manufacturing.

(818) 547-4007

Booth #4453

Circle #510


EdgeCo Inc.

EdgeCo has introduced EeeZeeCover peel and stick screw covers. They are available in 1,400 stock color matches, 20 wood species and five metallics. The company says customers can choose from a variety of standard colors or send custom color requirements.

(800) 644-6449

Booth # 7540

Circle # 511


Edgetech Inc.

Edgetech countertop saws are designed to cut countertops to size and route drawbolt cavities without any extra handling of the countertop. They are available in two sizes and include two 10-ft gravity conveyors. Optional equipment includes dual laser alignment and a variable miter with digital readout to cut countertops at angles between 0 and 47[degrees].

(952) 881-1925

Booth # 6565

Circle # 512


European Woodworking Machinery

European Woodworking Machinery has introduced its new sanding machine line, the EuroSander from Tagliabue. It offers calibrating by drum or planer head, cross-sanding, widebelt sanding and brush units. An intermediate Chevron belt unit is offered to ensure a longer sanding belt life and a super finish for UV and pigmented finished parts, says the company.

(919) 494-5197

Booth #6053

Circle # 513


Extrema Machinery Co. Inc.

Extrema Machinery offers widebelt sanders including single- and double-head models in various belt lengths and various prices. The company also offers the new Pro Series sanders.

(877) 398-7362

Booth #8836

Circle #514


FS Tool Corp.

FS Tool Corp. manufactures a complete line of standard and custom-built precision insert tools and knives. The tools are manufactured with high-tensile strength steel and micro-rain carbide insert knives. The company says the knives are CNC ground to provide longer tool life and make precision cuts.

(800) 387-9723

Booth #6573

Circle #515


Fitzpatrick & Weller

Fitzpatrick & Weller Inc. offers fully machined components in cherry, red and white oak, hard and soft maple, and ash. The company supplies the furniture, kitchen cabinet, staircase, store fixture and flooring industries with edge-glued panels, cut stock and mouldings.

(716) 699-2393

Booth #1260

Circle #516



The new Flakeboard thermally-fused melamine panel offering includes nearly 400 contemporary colors, abstracts and wood grain designs. The panels have particleboard or MDF cores and are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and dimensions.

(905) 475-9686

Booth #1565

Circle #517


Foremost Wood Products

Foremost Wood Products manufactures stile and rail door components, thin cut lumber, stave door and custom wood grilles for doors and windows. The company says it specializes in hardwoods and that it manufactures all products to customer specifications. Foremost offers a brochure detailing its products and their dimensions.

(718) 447-5836

Booth #1944

Circle #518


Four Corners LLC

Four Corners machines custom parts milled from solid wood or panel products, as well as plastics and non-ferrous metals. In addition to 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining, the company also offers edgebanding, assembly and CAD/CAM design services.

(877) 789-7252

Booth #AC348

Circle #519


Franklin International

The HiPURfromer Advanced Bonding System from Franklin International combines polyurethane hotmelt adhesives with an application system. There are three waterproof adhesvies: WW30, WW60 and MP75. The WW30 has a 30-second set time and WW60 a 60-second set time. The MP75 is designed to bond on wood, melamine, ceramics, metal, plastics, marble, glass and more.

(800) 877-4583

Booth #1411

Circle #520


Friedman Corp. Friedman's Frontier PowerBids is a dealer-based ordering system that is integrated with the manufacturer's order fulfillment system. It allows manufacturers to reduce quotation and dealer support demands on internal staff while allowing dealers to be competitive and profitable by reducing errors throughout the entire order fulfillment process, says the company.

(847) 572.4419

Booth #4323

Circle #521



The new generation Contourmat profiling machine from Fruilmac has a heavy-duty base with the high accuracy required for component production in the fields of kitchen cabinets, furniture and door frame applications, the company says. The feed system, driven by an electrical or mechanical motor, runs on high-precision linear guides with anti-break-out blocks.

(800) 282-1690

Booth #6552

Circle #522



The GEM 11-in. orbital sander can be used for a range of solid surface operations from taking down seams to finishing super high gloss, says the company. It weighs 16 lbs and is being tested for top coat rubbing with 600 and 1,200 grit 11-in. discs.

(954) 749-1228

Booth #5917

Circle #523


GL Veneer

GL Veneer offers Leveneer flexible sheet veneer, which is available in more than 120 species. The company offers hardwood plywood. The company also offers cut-to-size furniture components, standard panels and substrates in custom specifications.

(323) 582-5203

Booth #2842

Circle #524


Giardina, Finishing Systems

The MOS, Microwave Operating System, by Giardina Finishing Systems USA Inc. is a system for the drying of coating material in the wood industry. The word 'microwave' is used to indicate the electromagnetic frequency wave from 300 MHz to 300 GHz. The MOS system can be used on many different liquid coating materials, including water-based materials. The energy is absorbed by the coating itself, making the fluid evaporate quickly without increasing the substrate's temperature.

(877) 631-1003

Booth #8862

Circle #525


Giben America Inc.

Giben offers the Ergonflow air table. It creates a uniform cushion of air over 100 percent of the air table surface, in contrast to a conventional bearing-vent "blast" design, says the company. The uniformity of airflow allows material to be moved with little effort, says the company. It also does not need air generators, reduces dust pollution at the air table surface and has improved table shape.

(770) 448-9140

Booth #6342

Circle #526


Gladu Tools

The Procentrix clamping and positioning system from Gladu is designed for cutterheads and profiled router bits. The company says it is safer than classic insert tools and provides constant diameter for sharpening. Carbide and diamond inserts are available for the same tool.

(800) 363-9117

Booth #6473

Circle #527


Glasgow Products Inc.

Glasgow Products offers buoyant air tables, which the company says reduce operator effort. The tables can convey products without moving parts. It can also be switched to a vacuum clamping table to lock parts in place.

(516) 561-8890

Booth #9316

Circle #528


Grass America Inc.

The new Vario Divider System from Grass America Inc. is a system of interior dividers. They are available in beech and consist of wooden drawer dividers in various lengths that slide into corner and divider clips to hold them in place. The company says the dividers can be positioned to create usable, practical space.

(800) 334-3512

Booth #3025

Circle #529


Grecon Dimter

Grecon Dimter's new OptiGut Work Cell system integrates design software, spreadsheet or database and optimizing crosscut saws. The company says it processes jobs, not parts and that this helps increase yield, decrease labor, create faster lead times and lower work-in-progress inventory.

(800) 345-5987

Booth #2865

Circle #530


Grizzly Industrial Inc.

Grizzly Industrial has introduced the Model G9953ZX 16-in. jointer. It features spiral cutterheads and close tolerance beds. The company says the centrally mounted fences assure accurate edge jointing, and the handwheels deliver exact control over table movement. The company will also display the G9961 24-in, spiral cutterhead planer and G9963 26 1/2-in. resaw handsaw.

(360) 647-0801

Booth #4635

Circle #531


Guhdo USA Inc.

The CNC Tooling Guide from Guhdo USA Inc. has been released with 86 pages of tools for the woodworking and plastic industry. The catalog contains photos, illustrations and descriptions of boring, drill and router bits, cutters, groovers, collets, chucks and adapters.

(800) 544-8436

Booth #5705

Circle #532


Hafele America Co.

Hafele America Co. introduces the US Cargo 15 and 21 pull-out, double waste bins. They are designed to fit 15- and 21-in. cabinets. Included with the US Cargo 15 are a 10 1/2-gal and a 2-gal trash bin. The US Cargo 21 comes with two 10 1/2-gal bins.

(800) 423-3531

Booth #2207

Circle #533


Hanger Bolt & Stud Co.

Hanger Bolt & Stud offers a new self-centering work piece clamping option for its Drill 'n Drive 320 hanger bolt insertion machine. It was developed to eliminate the problem of misalignment of assembled bedpost turnings due to off-center placement of fasteners. It automatically compensates for normal dimensional variations of machined wood components.

(800) 537-7925

Booth #2162

Circle #534


Hansen & Hundebol Inc.

The Fladder 300/AUT from Hansen & Hundebol is an all-in-one solution for white wood finish sanding and sealer/primer sanding, says the company. It has an oscillating sanding head with six counter-rotating spindles. The vacuum belt is 39 in. wide and the sanding width is 47 in. maximum.

(770) 452-1271

Booth #6634

Circle #535


Hardware Concepts

Hardware Concepts has introduced its newest leg levelers. The company offers free samples. According to the company, they are inexpensive and high quality.

(866) 685-1101

Booth #1131

Circle #536


Haydock Caster Co.

The Euro-80 twin wheel caster from Haydock Caster Co. is 80mm with a diecast housing. It has a concealed ball-bearing swivel and a polyurethane tread on nylon wheels in satin finishes. The casters can move furniture with ease.

(847) 647-0022

Booth #1625

Circle #537


Herco Cutting Tools

Herco Cutting Tools and 3D Diamond Tooling has announced the expansion of its diamond product line. This includes diamond panel saw blades, solid surface saw blades, CNC profile router bits, shaper cutters, V-groovers and insert tooling.

(888) 544-3726

Booth #6204

Circle #538


Hettich America

Hettich America now offers the Org@Wall wall system. It is comprised of horizontal and vertical extruded aluminum profiles in standard lengths of 600, 1,000, 1,400 and 1,800mm. The structural profiles are fixed to the wall with screws to support function and design profiles. It includes organizational elements such as translucent plastic trays, universal brackets and CD holders. All elements are interchangeable with Org@Tower components.

(800) 438-8424

Booth #2115

Circle #539


Hi Tech Veneer

Hi Tech Veneer now offers flexible veneer sheets featuring standard book and balance match layups in sizes from 4 ft by 8 ft through 4 ft by 12 ft and 5 ft by 8 ft through 5 ft by 12 ft. Backers include 10,20,30 mil paperbacks, Wood Edge (2-plywood on wood), laminate and PSA. Slip-end and random match lay-ups are also available.

(812) 284-9775

Booth #4125

Circle #540


Hoffmann Machine Co. Inc.

Hoffmann Machine offers a new assembly system for beaded face frames. The company says it eliminates the process of applying bead moulding to finished frames. Notching machines are used to notch the stiles and cope the rails in seconds. The joints are locked together with Hoffmann Dovetail Keys.

(631) 589-6322

Booth #6934

Circle #541


Jacob Holtz Co.

Jacob Holtz Co. introduces Stratus Casters for hotel, restaurant, medical and industrial equipment needs. The company can provide any quantity of casters, metal stampings and furniture hardware.

(215) 423-2800

Booth #1855

Circle #542


Holz-Her Inc.

Holz-Her offers the CUT Series of beam saws. The CUT 85 has a frame design with fully closed structural members, surface hardened linear guideways and a high-speed rack-and-pinion saw carriage drive with cutting and feed speeds up to 100 mpm. It features 85mm of full cutting height. Other models with varying cutting heights will be available in coming months.

(704) 587-3400

Booth #6035

Circle #543


Holzma U.S., a division of Stiles Machinery

Holzma U.S., a division of Stiles Machinery, introduces the HPP 72 Optimat front-loading panel saw. It features heavy-duty construction, high operating speeds, rack-and-pinion drives on both the program fence and saw carriage, an 80mm blade exposure and 18-hp main saw motor. It also features PC-based graphical control, Cadmatic 3.0 and a unique side pressure device.

(704) 861-8239

Booth #5513

Circle #544


Horizon CNC Products Inc.

Horizon CNC Products announces the addition of the Jefferson to its Mission Door Series. It is a recessed panel door featuring a true beaded panel. It is available in rigid thermofoils or unfinished in MDF with melamine back.

(800) 768-1495

Booth #2861

Circle #545



Hymmen offers the SiegelCoater as well as many other products. The company's double band press lines are for decorative laminates, edgebanding, kitchen countertops, melamine boards and laminate flooring. Its roll laminating lines work at a maximum 2.6mm width and with PVA or hotmelt adhesives. Its coating and finishing lines can be used for furniture components, doors, wooden flooring, mouldings and profiles.

(770) 476-7466

Booth #5952

Circle #546
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