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IWCA research grant award recipients.

1999 Irene Clark, "Student-Tutor Perspectives on the Directive/Non-Directive Continuum"

2000 Beth Rapp Young, "The Relationship Between Individual Differences in Procrastination, Peer Feedback, and Student Writing Success"

Elizabeth Boquet, "A Study of the Rhode Island College Writing Center"

2001 Carol Chalk, "Gertrude Buck and the Writing Center" Neal Lerner, "Searching for Robert Moore"

Bee H. Tan, "Formulating an Online Writing Lab Model for Tertiary ESL Students"

2002 Julie Eckerle, Karen Rowan, and Shevaun Watson, "From Graduate Student to Administrator: Practical Models for Mentorship and Professional Development in Writing Centers and Writing Programs."

2005 Pam Cobrin, "The Influence of Tutor Visions of Revised Student Work"

Frankie Condon, "An Extracurriculum for Writing Centers"

Michele Eodice, "An Extracurriculum for Writing Centers"

Neal Lerner, "Investigating the Histories of The Writing Laboratory at University of Minnesota General College and the Writing Clinic at Dartmouth College"

Gerd Brauer, "Establishing a Transatlantic Discourse on Grade School Writing (and Reading Center) Pedagogy"

Paula Gillespie and Harvey Kail, "Peer Tutor Alumni Project"

Z. Z. Lehmberg, "The Best Job on Campus"

2006 Tammy Conard-Salvo, "Beyond Disabilities: Text to Speech Software in the Writing Center"

Diane Dowdey and Frances Crawford Fennessy, "Defining Success in the Writing Center: Developing a Thick Description"

Francis Fritz and Jacob Blumner, "Faculty Feedback Project"

Karen Keaton Jackson, "Making Connections: Exploring Relationships for Africam American and Other Students of Color"

Sarah Nakamura, "International and US-educated ESL Students in the Writing Center"

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