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IWCA honor roll.

Muriel Harris Outstanding Service Award

1984 Muriel Harris

1987 Joyce Kinkead

1991 Jeanette Harris

1994 Lady Falls Brown

1997 Byron Stay

2000 Jeanne Simpson

2003 Pamela Childers

Outstanding Scholarship Awards

1985 Stephen North, "The Idea of a Writing Center" Donald A. McAndrew and Thomas J. Reigstad, Training Tutors for Writing Conferences

1987 Edward Lotto, "The Writer's Subject is Sometimes a Fiction" Irene Lurkis Clark, Teaching in a Writing Center Setting

1988 John Trimbur, "Peer Tutoring: A Contradiction in Terms?" Muriel Harris, Teaching One-to-One

1989 Jeanette Harris and Joyce Kinkead, "Computers, Computers, Computers"

1990 Richard Behm, "Ethical Issues in Peer Tutoring" Lisa Ede, "Writing as a Social Process" Pamela B. Farrell, The High School Writing Center

1991 Lex Runciman, "Defining Ourselves: Do We Really Want to Use the Word 'Tutor'?" Jeanne Simpson and Ray Wallace, eds., The Writing Center: New Directions

1992 Alice Gillam, "Writing Center Ecology: A Bakhtinian Perspective" Muriel Harris, "Solutions and Trade-offs in Writing Center Administration"

1993 Anne DiPardo, "'Whispers of Coming and Going': Lessons from Fannie" Meg Woolbright, "The Politics of Tutoring: Feminism Within the Patriarchy"

1994 Michael Pemberton, Ethics Column in Writing Lab Newsletter

1995 Christina Murphy, "The Writing Center and Social Constructionist Theory" Joan A. Mullin and Ray Wallace, eds., Intersections: Theory-Practice in the Writing Center

1996 Peter Carino, "Theorizing the Writing Center: An Uneasy Task" Joe Law and Christina Murphy, eds., Landmark Essays on Writing Centers

1997 Peter Carino, "Open Admissions and the Construction of Writing Center History: A Tale of Three Models" Christina Murphy, Joe Law, and Steve Sherwood, eds., Writing Centers: An Annotated Bibliography

1998 Nancy Grimm, "The Regulatory Role of the Writing Center: Coming to Terms with a Loss of Innocence"

1999 Neal Lerner, "Drill Pads, Teaching Machines, Programmed Texts: Origins of Instructional Technology In Writing Centers" Eric Hobson, ed., Wiring the Writing Center

2000 Elizabeth Boquet, "'Our Little Secret': A History of Writing Centers, Preto Post-Open Admissions" Nancy Maloney Grimm, Good Intentions: Writing Center Work for Postmodern Times

2001 Neal Lerner, "Confessions of a First-Time Writing Center Director" Cindy Johanek, Composing Research: A Contextualist Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition

2002 Valerie Balester and James C. McDonald, "A View of Status and Working Conditions: Relations Between Writing Program and Writing Center Directors"

Jane Nelson and Kathy Evertz, eds., The Politics of Writing Centers

2003 Sharon Thomas, Julie Bevins, and Mary Ann Crawford, "The Portfolio Project: Sharing Our Stories."

Paula Gillespie, Alice Gillam, Lady Falls Brown, and Byron Stay, eds., Writing Center Research: Extending the Conversation

2004 Neal Lerner, "Writing Center Assessment: Searching for the 'Proof' of Our Effectiveness"

Michael A. Pemberton and Joyce Kinkead, eds. The Center Will Hold

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Date:Mar 22, 2005
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