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IWCA graduate student research award recipients.

1986 Evelyn J. Posey, "Microcomputers, Basic Writing, and the Writing Center"

1987 Mary Kilmer, "Writing Centers and Content-Area Courses"

1989 James Bell, "Perceptions and Behaviors of Writing Center Tutors"

1991 Eric Hobson, "Centering Composition Instruction: The Roles of Writing Centers in Composition Programs"

1995 Deborah D'Agati, "Writing Center Tutor Training and Classroom Response Groups"

Neal Lerner, "Teaching and Learning in a University Writing Center: An Ethnographic Study"

1996 Stuart Blythe, "Conceptualizing the Technologies of Writing Center Practice"

1999 Anne E. Geller, "'A Big Tangled Mess': New Graduate Student Tutors Reflect on their Experiences in the Writing Center"

2001 Eliza Drewa, "Reconstructing Practice, Reconstructing Identity: How Tutors Move from Orthodoxy to Informed Flexibility

Sarah Mitzel, "A Descriptive Study of the Interpersonal Concerns of Writing Center Users,"

Melissa Nicolas (Dunbar), "Feminization of Writing Centers: Fact and/or Fiction"

2002 Kerri Jordan, "Power and Empowerment in Writing Center Conferences" Francien Rohrbacher, "Are Writing Centers Polite? An Exploration of the Patterns and Effectiveness of Politeness in Writing Center Tutorials"

2003 Rebecca Day, "Tutoring Deaf Students" Katie Levin, "How are the Educational Epistemologies of Tutors Constructed and Enacted in Writing Centers?"

2004 Karen Rowan, "Graduate Student Administrators and Administrative Professional Development in the Writing Center"

Amanda Beth Godbee, "Outside the Center and Inside the Home: Exploring Relationships Among Environment, Community, and Effective Tutoring"

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