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The Ivchenko-Progress State enterprise is a part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" (defense industry of Ukraine).

The sphere of the enterprise activities: design, manufacture, test, development, certification, putting into series production and overhaul of gas turbine engines both of aviation and industrial application.

The rights for designing, manufacturing, overhauling and upgrading the engines of the enterprise are confirmed by more than 75 certificates of Bureau Veritas, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Central Civil Aviation Administration of China, IAC AR and GosAviaSluzhba of Ukraine.

Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau Progress State Enterprise named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko contributed much to the development of aviation industry. This is the Company, which for over 68 years has been involved in design of engines to power aircraft and helicopters of various types, and also drivers and special equipment of industrial application. For this period of time more than 80000 aviation piston and gas turbine engines, turbine starters and drivers of industrial application have been produced by engine manufacturers. The aero engines designed by SE Ivchenko-Progress power 54 types of A/C in 122 countries of the world. Total operating time of GTEs exceeds 300 million hours. The company is a part of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine

On May 5, 1945, under the People's Commissar of Aviation Industry A. I. Shakhurin's order No. 193 an experimental design bureau (OKB) was established at OKB-478 plant to design new and update aero engines of medium and low powers designed earlier for civil aviation. A regular designer Alexander Georgiyevich Ivchenko was appointed to be a Chief of the OKB (Experimental Design Bureau) who later on (in 1963) became a Designer General of the Enterprise. The backbone of the new design bureau comprised the experienced specialists of the engine-manufacturing plant, which had passed a splendid school of design and development of aero engines ranged from M-11 to M-88B and Ash-82FN. In 1966 the enterprise was renamed to Progress Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau (ZMDB). Since 1994 the enterprise was named after Academician A.G. Ivchenko, and since 2004 -- SE Ivchenko-Progress

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