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ITU streamlines its work in data networks.

ITU announced streamlining its work in the area of data networks, open system communications and telecommunication software. The management teams of two study groups (Study Groups 7 and 10) have been merged to start work on creating the new entity--Study Group 17.

The move will provide greater strength and sharpen focus on critical technologies underlying security, networking and directory. By creating a "knowledge centre" on telecommunication software, ITU-T will be able to expand the range of tools used by rapidly developing areas such as e-commerce and third generation wireless.

The decision was made by the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) in a bid to bundle resources and expertise to enhance deliverables in these areas and, in particular, languages and notations such as ASN.1, SDL and MSC.

ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One), SDL (Specification and Description language) and MSC (Message Sequence Charts) are widely used description techniques that accurately and unambiguously specify protocols for telecommunications. The fact that ASN..1 has been among the top 20 best-sellers of all ITU-T standards in 1999 and 2000 is indicative of its widespread use. Study Group 17 plans to organize a series of events that will serve to increase the development of software platform and middleware for telecommunications. The first of these events will be a workshop to take place in Bangalore, India in August 2001, immediately following the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Seminar on E-commerce.
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Date:Jun 1, 2001
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