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ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute).

ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), a high-tech R&D institution in Taiwan, has introduced FlexUPD, which it says is the first technology to enable the commercialization of paper-thin, low-cost, flexible flat displays for electronic products.

"FlexUPD ushers in a new generation of flexible electronics," ITRI says. "It is the simplest and most inexpensive technology to allow for the mass manufacture of paper-like, flexible flat panel displays thinner than any displays currently on the market. This flexibility allows for two-sided surface visibility for display or non-display products--rollable mobile phone screens, e-books, e-maps, and medical sensors that can be worn or wrapped around the body, etc.--to be light, malleable and unbreakable.

"The key breakthrough in FlexUPD," ITRI says, "is its simultaneous adhesive and non-adhesive bonding--the use of a de-bonding layer--between the glass and flexible substrate. The de-bonding layer ... sticks to the production glass substrate firmly during the entire fabrication process and is completely non-adhesive to the polyimide (PI) film stacked on top during this phase ... This allows the indispensable active matrix backplane for high-quality color displays to be flexible."

ITRI adds that commercialization of the FlexUPD is currently under way. "AU Optronics Corp. (AUO) plans to commercially release a line of flexible e-reader products ... The technology is available for transfer to companies worldwide."

ITRI has also released i2/3DW, "an innovative technology to integrate 2D and 3D information for simultaneous display on the same screen visible to the naked eye.... The award-winning i2/3DW is a next generation 2D/3D switchable display technology that is the first to fully and simultaneously integrate 3D displays for the naked eye with traditional 2D information.... With i2/3DW, 2D texts are as clear as they are on a 2D screen and 3D images are as fascinating as on a 3D screen, but can now coexist on the same screen for optimal viewing quality."
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