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 LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- During the opening day of the 1993 Fall SMPTE Conference here, Iterated Systems' President Michael Barnsley praised the opportunity afforded his company, and Iterated's CD-ROM video publishing partner TMM, in securing a joint marketing agreement with IBM's POWER Visualization Division for delivering advanced Fractal imaging workstations.
 Dr. Barnsley is proud of the endorsement shown its fractal video compression technology by the leading producer of advanced workstation computers: the POWER Visualization Division of IBM Corporation. "IBM's unique blend of hardware and software will lend a tremendous advantage to the production end of producing fractally compressed video. Producers, publishers, distributors and ultimately consumers will benefit."
 IBM's Hawthorne, NY-POWER Visualization team has developed what many in the industry deem the world's most powerful digital imaging computer systems, which are already proving their value as a boon to Hollywood and TV industry producers and directors, for the time saving special effects and digital imagery capabilities.
 Now, with the agreement to co-develop and market Iterated's fractal video technology using multimedia authoring software developed by TMM, the motion picture and television industries are poised to enjoy resolution independent video compression and distribution benefits using fractal compression, features unavailable from other image compression technologies.
 Iterated Systems' CEO and Co-founder Dr. Michael Barnsley welcomed the adaptation of IBM's POWER Visualization workstation technology to his company's fractal video technology at a press briefing here today, where he demonstrated the resolution independent capability of fractal image coding. Scenes can be viewed at different resolutions, offering up detail after detail, in a manner not unlike traditional motion picture film emulsions' capability to be viewed at different screen sizes and detail.
 As such, fractally-coded digital imagery can be enjoyed on a variety of TV, computer and video projector screens in use all around the world -- each one viewable from a single fractal source. Fractal technology offers the first chance for producing a singular digital image coding format which can then be readily enjoyed on a variety of consumer, commercial and entertainment playback systems.
 Resolution Independence is Key
 Due to the unique character of fractal imagery, a single, finite fractal image scene -- or stream of scenes for motion video -- contains enough information to allow its decompression into a variety of image sizes, aspect ratios and color depths. As a result, Hollywood and video producers will ultimately be able to develop their content in a single fractal image format which will allow its playback on consumer TV sets, computer screens, special effects workstations and full theater screens.
 Fractal imagery can be zoomed to reveal detail which escapes the notice of rival compression technologies. Indeed, most rival video codecs employ what is termed "Decimation" to deliberately remove most of the original film or video image detail -- the very quality which most SMPTE producers strive for.
 TMM Tools are Producers' Catalysts
 The addition of TMM's multimedia fractal video authoring tools is the catalyst this industry's existing and would-be producers need to transfer their programming to digital video. TMM's Producer series of SoftVideo Tools are designed to work with conventional high-resolution video transfer formats, from D-1 to Digital Betacam. They permit producers and content providers to publish their existing and planned motion picture productions to CD-ROM disk at the most economical data rate available in the industry.
 Fractal Video Coding Offers Hours of Video on a Single CD-ROM
 Where most video compression formats yield just 30 to 72 minutes of TV quality video on a CD-ROM platter, fractal compression permits hours of material to be stored. To producers and publishers, that can mean the difference between a multi-platter CD-ROM package and a single platter product, lowering digital video production costs drastically and ultimately, the price a consumer pays.
 Rival Codecs Lacks Fractal's Performance, Resolution Independenc e
 Independent lab tests have shown fractal video to deliver between a two- and four-to-one advantage over conventional software compression and decompression technologies, such as SuperMac's CinePak, Intel's Indeo, MediaVisions' and others. None of these rival technologies have demonstrated any capability for resolution independence, as has fractal technology.
 Fractal Scientists Dedicated To Delivering More Imagery with Les s
 Privately held Iterated Systems was con-founded by two Georgia Tech professors -- Dr. Michael Barnsley and Dr. Alan Sloan -- with the purpose of applying the efficiency of the Fractal Transform to information and entertainment delivery in commerce and society.
 Iterated employs dozens of mathematicians and scientists dedicated to continually expanding the performance and breadth of the Fractal Transform. Several fractal patents have been issued; many more are pending.
 In addition to the IBM announcement today, Iterated last year won the commercial endorsement of the Microsoft Corporation, which licensed fractal still image technology for its CD-ROM Encarta multimedia encyclopedia. Fractals allow Microsoft to store thousands of full-color images on CD-ROM where other compression technologies would have permitted just hundreds.
 Iterated Markets Fractal Technologies and Software Toolkits
 Norcross, Ga.-based Iterated Systems is a high technology research and development company offering global distribution of its fractal shrink wrap imaging and software video products and technology licenses and partnerships of its fractal technology for select applications and markets.
 Last year, Iterated was awarded a multi-million dollar grant from the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Science and Technology, making it the leading recipient of federal funds for engineering integrated circuit implementations of its Fractal Transform(tm) technology to increase its societal and commercial benefit.
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