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ITE joins Phoenix post 2.0 trusted device initiative to bring integrated security to their existing and new silicon.

Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:PTEC), a global provider of device-enabling and management software products for connected digital devices, has announced that Integrated Technology Express, Inc. (ITE), a provider of I/O controllers and other silicon products, has joined Phoenix's industry-wide POST 2.0 Trusted Device Initiative. ITE becomes the latest member of the Phoenix Secure Silicon Alliance Partner (SSAP) Program. As a member of this initiative and a strategic Phoenix partner, ITE will enhance security and trust for the PC platform by integrating Phoenix's patent-pending StrongROM technology to create storage space in its Super I/O chips for device keys and other related data.

"Now we can immediately offer our PC and device manufacturing customers a much greater degree of security and trust," said H.Y. Lin, Vice President of Marketing and System Integration at ITE. "Integrating StrongROM into low-layer, chip-level components delivers superior application and data protection for PC manufacturers and end users."

POST 2.0 is an acronym for Platform Optimized for Security and Trust with two-factor authentication. The initiative's industry-wide goal is to provide programs and tools that help members add core system security to their products. The SSAP program provides the StrongROM integration toolkit and specifications, POST 2.0 certification, and developer support to software and hardware vendors. Together, SSAP and POST 2.0 create a vendor-neutral foundation and partner community for significant improvement in the security level of connected digital devices and software applications. ITE is the newest partner to join the program's growing roster of industry leaders, which includes VeriSign, Secure Computing, CrossCert, D-Trust, Standard Microsystems Corporation (SMSC), ATI Technologies, and security distributors Cybertek and ICON.

"We continue to attract POST 2.0 members like ITE, who understand the important value of integrated, layered security," said Katherine A. Stolz, Vice President of Security Product Marketing for Phoenix Technologies. "Specifically, this initiative provides technology to add security with minimum change to motherboards, silicon components, information appliances, and the finished PC system."

ITE is a professional Fabless IC design house. In 1996, UMC was on all efforts to act on its new business policy and transform itself as a professional fab manufacturer. ITE, as the preceding Computer Products Business Div. under UMC, was decided at that time to spin off from the UMC to operate on its own. ITE is headquartered in Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, and has sales offices in Taipei and Sunnyvale, California, USA.
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Comment:ITE joins Phoenix post 2.0 trusted device initiative to bring integrated security to their existing and new silicon.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Aug 12, 2002
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