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ITC conflict in no-one's interests; LIVERPOOL DAILY POST An independent newspaper Established in 1855.

LIT IS disappointing today to see that two of the leading, most go-ahead businesses in our region are somewhat at loggerheads over a key commercial plan for our region.

DP We have already used this space to back Peel Holdings' blueprint for the International Trade Centre (ITC) envisaged for a place in the massive Wirral Waters complex at West Float, Birkenhead.

But now, perhaps unexpectedly, Grosvenor has voiced concerns about how the ITC could possibly impact on trade at the pounds 1bn Liverpool One showpiece the company has painstakingly and thoughtfully developed across the river.

On the face of it, the risk of any crossover would appear to be minimal. Peel intends that only previously approved wholesalers, rather than the general public, would have access to the ITC, where they could access products displayed by mainly overseas manufacturers, covering a wide range of commercial sectors.

If Grosvenor realistically perceives any threat to the success of the retail complex it has invested so much time and finance in, then of course it has every right to safeguard the company's interests.

And, indeed, it is not officially objecting to Peel's plans, but rather just making sure that a valid point of view is heard.

It makes sense, in the circumstances, for these two invaluable employers in our area to sit around a table and iron out their differences, for the benefit of the entire region.

There seems little reason why Peel should not be able to answer Grosvenor's concerns, if it adheres to its original plans - and Liverpool One's ongoing success is now so well-established it would take a rival of monstrous proportions to inflict any damage on its profitability.

We hope these two regional giants will soon be able to call a truce. It is in no-one's interests for two such important enterprises to be at crosspurposes, when their success is fundamental to the continued growth of the entire region's commercial prospects.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 14, 2011
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