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IT news and products; DS2 High Definition IPTV home video streaming.

DS2 the Powerline Chipset provider, have announced that the development of Universal Powerline Association (UPA) technology has reached the point where it claims to be the dominant provider for the home networking needs of the IPTV industry. The advance has been made possible by the UPA Digital Home Standard compliant DS2 200Mbps chip that powers IPTV Powerline applications. It makes available a new range of high performance products that allow international users to watch flicker-free High Definition (HD) home video streaming via standard wall sockets. The UPA also has a range of application partners that provide Powerline solutions to consumers around the world. Netgear and D-Link, worldwide providers of technologically advanced network products, use UPA technology in products to enable video and gaming content to be used throughout the home.

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Publication:Software World
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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