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IT news and products; DS2 HD and audio products.

DS2 has unveiled the largest display of commercially available 200Mbps Powerline Communications products at CES 2007 showing that Powerline Networking has arrived with whole home HD and audio networking. The demo highlights the ease and simplicity of powerline home networking using a mix of readily available and new to market products from a range branded manufacturers including new products from Averlogic, Acbel, CORINEX Communications, D-Link, DEFIDEV, Conceptronic, NETGEAR and Texas Instruments.

DS2's 200 Mbps Powerline Communications chipsets deliver room-to-room HD streaming that allow consumers to instantly connect devices like computers, HDTV's and gaming consoles to each other over existing home wiring. By simply plugging the DS2 based powerline networking devices into any electrical outlet around the home, the wires in the walls network the devices together to deliver high-definition media streaming, online gaming and other next-generation digital home applications including networked security cameras, and audio and digital photo file sharing. IPTV Home Networks Powerline enables IPTV subscribers to receive content in any room of the home without adding expensive cabling or the lag and pixelation of other technologies. Audio and Video Streaming for Home Networking Powerline networking is an excellent networking solution for streaming HD-grade videos or send audio files and digital photos from room-to-room without the disruption. Home Security Systems PLC is ideal for networking video surveillance cameras around your home, and to create a central monitoring station to send surveillance monitoring and alarm signals to e-mail and hand held's.

Simultaneous and online gaming With DS2 based chipsets, UPA Plug tested powerline communications product online gaming finally lives up to its potential without the threat of video pixelation or freezing.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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