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IT news and products; CollabNet assett purchase transaction.

CollabNet, Inc. provider of collaborative software development solutions and VA Software Corporation have announced the execution and closing of an asset purchase transaction whereby CollabNet purchased the SourceForge Enterprise Edition business from VA Software in consideration for an equity ownership stake in CollabNet. The parties have also entered into a 30 month media relationship for online advertising services. SourceForge Enterprise Edition is a strategic addition to CollabNet, bringing the two leading collaborative software development solutions for distributed teams under the same roof. The combined entity will support more than 300 enterprise customers with greater than 1.1 million users in dozens of countries worldwide. This combined entity signals the arrival of a new era in software development, in which distributed teams working on modern web-based collaborative platforms have now become the norm for companies seeking to gain competitive advantage on a global basis. SourceForge Enterprise Edition, along with CollabNet's entire product portfolio--CollabNet Enterprise Edition, CollabNet CUBiT, and Subversion--will be fully supported and enhanced over time.,
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Publication:Software World
Date:May 1, 2007
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