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IT news and products; Belgacom selects DS2 200Mbps powerline technology.

Belgacom has chosen DS2 based powerline communications (PLC) technology to deliver room to room AV streaming in its IPTV home entertainment and communications package. Under the new IPTV package DS2 powered equipment from the Canadian company Corinex will use the existing electrical wiring to connect an ADSL modern, sending IP TV signals, to a TV set top box to deliver the signal throughout the entire home.

A major limitation to delivering TV over DSL lines has been sending the signal from the ADSL modern to other rooms in the home. Powerline technology carries signals throughout an entire home, instantly eliminating the connectivity problem and avoiding the additional installation charges and customer distress that the drilling of holes or addition of new cabling cause. This new generation of 200 Mbps DS2-based Powerline products is the only technology that eliminates dead spots by offering the speed and Quality of Service required to distribute video throughout the whole home.

Belgacom is continuously investigating available and emerging technology options and has selected DS2 based solutions as part of a set of options to deploy the service anywhere in the home.

"We at DS2 are delighted that Belgacom, a leader in offering IPTV services, has chosen to add Powerline technology to its IPTV rollout to provide innovative and effortless whole home coverage for its subscribers. DS2 is now the preferred PLC technology of telecom operators, including Belgacom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, etc. DS2 based suppliers succeed in the rigorous testing and field trials by telecom operators due to the quality and performance of our 200Mbps Powerline and Coaxial AV Technologies. DS2's 200Mbps chipset is the only available technology in the market that supports scalable commercial IPTV services over Powerlines, ready for HDTV and for multiple channels of SDTV content," says Jorge Blasco, DS2's CEO.

DS2's technology is compliant with the most widely sold 200Mbps Powerline standard supported by the Universal Powerline Association (UPA). UPA currently holds a near 100% market share in the high speed 200Mbps PLC product market.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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