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IT news and products; Aldon aims to increase outsourcer accountability in application development.

Aldon have announced Aldon Community Manager 7.5, the latest version of its incident tracking and requirements management solution. As outsourcing and offshoring continue to grow there is a growing need for accountability, enforced processes and improved management of geographically distributed teams. Aldon Community Manager 7.5 introduces mission-critical functionality to both business and IT users, providing Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports, project-tracking templates for compliance and outsourcer management, as well as Personal Information Manager (PIM) synchronisation.

A key component of the Aldon Suite, Community Manager plays an important role in the application lifecycle, managing change requests and requirements, monitoring approval processes, associating issues and requirements with development projects. It also provides automated workflow and process status at each stage of software development. With the added functionality delivered to the solution, companies can accelerate application development and improve quality levels of business-critical applications.

Manage SLA Obligations

Community Manager simplifies the management of Service Level Agreements with its SLA reporting feature, helping companies to ensure they remain compliant with their contractual obligations. The SLA reports are particularly useful for IT outsourcing, as the system provides the accountability necessary to enforce the terms of a specific contract. The solution is able to track projects and coding updates as part of the application lifecycle, and then provide strategic reports that increase response and resolution times. Service levels can then be expedited through workflows, which automate service processes and provide the flexibility to escalate processes to help team members to meet their deadlines. Dashboards also provide real-time information on service levels and allow corrective action to be taken before service levels decline below an unacceptable limit.

Streamline Compliance

Community Manager comes with additional compliance project tracking templates specific to Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA--regulatory issues that mandate the tracking and documentation of changes made in the application lifecycle. The solution automatically documents the change management workflow processes, and delivers the information straight into the compliance specific templates. It also has pre-existing templates that include IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) management, sales tracking, issue management, human resource management, and many others. In addition, a wide variety of management reports can be easily created using Community Manager's reporting and metrics component, ranging from preconfigured issue status reports, to performance metrics reports, to completely customised reports.

PIM Synchronisation

Community Manager now provides access to an optional add-on that synchronises users' appointments, due dates, tasks, and contact information, with a Personal Information Manager (PIM) e.g., Blackberry, Palm OS, MicrosoftOutlook, Lotus Notes, Windows Mobile for PocketPC and others. Users benefit from a single source to access their key project information, which helps keep delivery times on schedule, reduces mismanagement of tasks, and ultimately converts into increased productivity.
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Publication:Software World
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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