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SIMON ZEBO has been warned to steer clear of the croissants when he moves to France next summer.

Team mate Conor Murray joked that Zebo (right) could lose the run of himself in France, where the attitude toward training and gym work is very different to the Irish system. "With him is it a bit of a risk, yeah, with the baguettes and the croissants," Murray smiled. "Just from speaking to Dave Foley or Paddy Butler, who went to Pau recently, the structure of your week is more relaxed.

"Some days you mightn't be in until two and if you want to do the gym, you come in before 2pm and do it yourself.

"Whereas at Munster, you come in, you are on your App, you do all your scores and then you do your mobility, your gym, you go to your meeting "It is all laid out for you and we are like sheep, basically. In France, it is a bit looser. It would be a risk. He said it before, he is not the biggest fan of the gym or the fitness thing. The structure he has here is really good for him because it keeps him in good condition and he reaps the benefits of that.

"He is a guy who likes to play well, who likes the big games, who likes the big moments.

"In order to do that, you have to be fit, you have to go to the gym the odd time."

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUFR
Date:Oct 27, 2017
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