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IT'S a long story.

Byline: Karen Overbury

IT'S a long story - and it proved to be a very long day. On Tuesday we went to Largs, 40 miles west of Glasgow, a round trip of 364 miles!

Friends from Essex were holidaying in the area and being last-minute sort of people with no sense of distance they invited us for the day. We - unable to kennel the dog or get time off work - accepted.

We'd never been to Largs before and were pleasantly surprised. The sun shone down - the only place in Britain where it seemed to that day! And we soon relaxed into holiday mood.

We walked then had lunch al fresco.

Later, we took the ferry to the Isle of Cumbrae and the local bus to the truly delightful village of Millport, where we sat eating ice creams in the sunshine and chatting about old times.

Walking on, we stopped at an estate agent's window. An idyllic cottage seemed to jump out at us. And we started hatching a plan.

It would be a great escape from the stresses of busy working lives - and ideal for summer lettings. The price was good. And there were four of us. Plus, with the present market, it wouldn't reach that price.

Our dream could so easily become reality ... or a nightmare.

For an obvious reason, houses are more likely to sell when they're viewed in the sunshine. But they should also be looked at in the rain. And at various times of the day. They certainly need to be imagined in all four seasons.

Yes, yours truly burst the bubble with boring old common sense!

Enjoy your weekend. I'm off to my school reunion - complete with sunburn from Largs! Perhaps that daft kid who left school all those years ago never did grow up!

Karen Overbury homemaker editor
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
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Date:Jul 12, 2008
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