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IT'S WELL PAST YOUR BEDTIME LIAM; Childish yob picks fight with Hucknall in hotel bar tantrum.

WHILE his band Oasis keeps a low profile, Liam Gallagher is plumbing new depths of loutishness.

The part-time singer and full-time yobbo has been on spectacular form, brawling with Mick Hucknall and threatening hotel guests.

Liam's latest shame took place at central London's exclusive Metropolitan Hotel.

Simply Red frontman Mick, was enjoying a drink at the bar on Tuesday - the night after his 38th birthday - when Liam arrived with his dimwit brother, Paul, and a crew of pals.

Liam, 25, marched over to Mick and started berating him for a recent magazine interview in which Mick had said Oasis were an embarrassment to fellow Mancunians.

"Oasis gave this delinquent, thicko, 'givin' it large, sorted mate' diatribe," Mick was quoted as saying.

"I was born in Manchester, and we don't give it all this 'large, sound, sorted'. When I hear some things that they say, I cringe. I think Noel Gallagher is a bit of a d***head."

Before long each singer was inviting the other to step outside. They spilled out into the lobby where wide-eyed Liam told Mick: "If I've got a problem with someone, I don't go through the newspapers, I tell it to their face.

Lots of other words flew off Liam's tongue but not the kind you'd want to read in a family newspaper.

Mick had had enough. He grabbed Liam by the throat and flung him against the lobby wall. My spies there tell me they felt like applauding.

"It was a wonder Mick kept calm for so long," one guest tells me. "Liam was really asking for it but the hotel security team were very efficient and intervened immediately."

Security forced the two stars to cool down for a few minutes and then allowed them both back into the bar. Liam, though, was just warming up. A few minutes later he popped outside and tried to grab a camera off a photographer. He failed and dived back into the hotel, kicking the poor door along the way.

Back inside the bar, Liam started picking fights with other guests, principally Jake Panayiotou, who owns London celebrity hangout Browns.

At first Liam was friendly, shaking Jake's hand, but the next moment the singer turned mean:

Liam: "I haven't been to Browns lately because I don't want to spend my money in your club."

Jake: "Liam, you never spent any of your money in my club."

Liam: "I's got a problem with you because of what you did to my brother."

Jake: "I haven't got a problem with Noel. I saw him the other night."

Liam: "No you didn't. It was my brother Paul, not Noel. I'm going to do you. You'd better watch your back." Liam looked like he was heading off but then turned on his heels, gave a by-this-time-bemused Jake a one- fingered salute and shouted "d***head".

Jake then invited Liam to bring Paul over to his table to discuss the problem like adults, obviously not realising that he was dealing with a child.

"No way," Liam snapped. "You better watch your back, man. I'm going to do you.'

"Why don't you do it now?" asked Jake.

"I'll do it when the time suits me," Liam said, before sauntering off to rejoin his friends.

"Liam was a complete prat," says my spy. "He talks the talk but clearly hasn't got the bottle to fight anyone.

"He should grow up or one day someone will smack the living daylights out of him."

I imagine there's an awful lot of people out there who would take great pleasure in such a task.

All Over? No, Nick's back

NICK Hancock has been lured back to host a new series of They Think It's All Over after quitting the hit TV show nine months ago.

But telly chiefs have failed to persuade my funnyman pal Lee Hurst to return as team captain. Last October 35-year-old Nick said he wanted to leave before viewers got tired of the comedy sport quiz - even though it pulls in more than ten million people each week.

Nick, who has presented the BBC1 show for five years, said then: "I've always had a low boredom threshold.

"I have a great deal of affection for the programme and don't want it to degenerate into the same old routine. My aim is to get out while people still have fond memories."

But telly chiefs have now persuaded the star to come back for a new series in the autumn - a pounds 100,000 deal proved too much of a temptation, I hear.

An insider said: "Nick is returning. During his time out, he realised that he did actually enjoy doing it.

"Now he has had a rest, he is raring to go."

The programme's makers, Talkback Productions, are planning screen tests for Lee Hurst's successor over the next few months.

He quit the show after the strain became too much.

Stones roll back years

THE Rolling Stones are drawing up secret plans to give disappointed fans satisfaction after pulling out of their long-awaited British tour.

As I exclusively revealed to the world earlier this week, they postponed the shows because of new government tax regulations.

But when they finally hit the UK next year, they will play a number of indoor gigs in cities they haven't visited for an age.

And they will also be playing several hush-hush club dates.

My spy says: "Mick Jagger and the lads are going to make sure that when they do arrive it will be a homecoming to remember."

JUNE Brown, alias EastEnders' Dot Cotton, is to turn up in a new version of the classic TV legal drama, Crown Court.

She's one of a string of household names making guest appearances.


ANTHEA Turner is getting cheekier by the day.

The National Lottery TV show presenter tells the new edition of Options magazine that she likes nothing better than getting naked when she's on holiday.

"The one thing I love to do is skinny-dip," she gushes.

"The last time I did it was in Sardinia.

"I'd like nothing better than to jump off the side of the boat with no clothes on!"

Oo-er, missus.

KEITH Flint is giving his management high blood pressure.

The Prodigy frontman is to race a 200mph Ducati superbike at Mallory Park, Leics, later this summer - his people are fretting over insuring him in time.
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Author:Wright, Matthew
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 11, 1998
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