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IT'S JUST HERO WORSHIP; A great cast of comic book characters make this a sure-fire winner MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE **** XBOX360.

Byline: Steve Lawson

I THINK your favourite superhero says a lot about you.

I'd be hard-pressed to pick from Batman (the troubled one, not Adam West's ubercamp version), Captain America and Spider-Man circa 1970.

You can decide for yourselves what that says about me.

What it does do, however, is explain my joy at playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which has 25 comic legends to choose from.

As the game begins, Dr Doom is laying into the SHIELD Helicarrier and Nick Fury is forced to seek the help of any superheroes who happen to be in the vicinity.

Who turns up? Only Captain America, Thor, Wolverine and old Spidey himself.

Oh, rock on - I'm eight again.

MUA is a hack 'n' slasher with great combat sequences, helped by the skills and abilities unique to each hero.

So, Spidey hurls web balls, Daredevil uses his batons, Wolverine's got his blades and Captain America uses his shield either defensively or as a guided attack weapon.

Standard scraps are just that, but the boss fights are a bit special and reminded me of the focused fighting in God Of War and Colossus.

You need to think your way through them. There's a key to each boss. Find it, go for it and you'll win, otherwise you'll take a lot of collateral damage.

Team selection is another of MUA's highlights.

You get the basic Marvel teams - Fantastic Four, X-Men, Marvel Knights, etc - but it's the mix and matching that makes things fun.

The customising options, while not crucial to the gameplay, increase the fun factor and will appeal to comic fans as they upgrade skills and abilities, or even suit up heroes in new costumes.

My Xbox 360 copy looked superb with intricate details, but I've heard the current-gen versions don't look quite so hot.

Still, if you loved X-Men Legends, you're going to love this too.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 10, 2006
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