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Byline: By Marc Baker Wales on Sunday

Flop star Matt Johnson has ploughed every penny of his royalties into a pounds 20,000 recording studio in one last stab to top the pop charts.

The 19-year-old one hit wonder, who found and lost fame with One True Voice on Popstars: The Rivals, has splashed out on the studio at his mam and dad's house, where he still lives in Mancot, Deeside.

He's hoping his self-penned 14-track 'McFly-style' album will launch his comeback.

Until then, he's touring Butlins holiday camps to make some money.

Desperate Matt, who was slagged off by Mr Nasty Simon Cowell for auditioning for The X-Factor, has hooked up with a group of local musicians for his as yet untitled debut release.

Matt reckons he's due another shot at stardom after One True Voice split in 2003.

'I am not about to retire yet and go and work at McDonalds,'he said.

'The music industry is so fickle and I have great self belief. I still have a lot of fans from my One True Voice days who write to me today. People know Matt from the band but not me as a solo artist.'

Matt, who is no longer in contact with his fellow band mates, watched this week's Brits and wished he was there.

'You have to think of a way of getting there and that's why I am working on this album,' he said.

'After the band split, Pete Waterman said he would write a song for me but nothing happened. I rang him last July and told him I was not going to sit around and wait for something to happen.'

Today, Matt is forced to watch on as Girls Aloud continually top the charts after winning the ITV pop reality show.

He says their success is down to good management and their debut single Sound of the Underground which beat One True Voice's Bee Gees cover Sacred Trust for the coveted Christmas 2002 Number 1.

'I don't want to come across all bitter and say the show ruined my life as that is not the case. It was an experience and I still hope I can one day make it. I am still only 19,'said Matt.

'I have enjoyed writing this new album and it's more me. It has more of a band sound like McFly, Busted and Avril Lavigne.

'It does not sound boy-bandish which was never really me in the first place. I would rather jump around stage than sing a ballad.'

Matt doesn't agree that finding fame with One True Voice has hampered his chances of becoming famous again.

'I don't wish I was never a part of the show because it taught me so much,' says Matt.

'But I was caught in a reality band bubble and it's now time for me to shake that off.'
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 13, 2005
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