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Starter Fro Ten: Young Jeremy was rather a posh lad. He was brought up in a large Victorian house, complete with a stable, in a Vale of Evesham village. The son of a steel factory manager, he began his education at a prep school where, he's said, all the teachers seemed drunk or mad.

LEARNING RESPECT: He was nearly expelled from upper-class Malvern College after being found with a girl and was whipped for going to a pub. But the public school's masters failed to beat any respect into him. Instead, Jeremy became the Beeb's rudest interviewer and terrifies both politicians and University Challenge swots.

PAX A PUNCH: He once asked squirming Michael Howard, who was then Home Secretary, the same question 14 times. Early in his career, he maddened Margaret Thatcher by filming an illegal roadblock for Panorama, on the invitation of the IRA. And he even winds up his pals at dinner parties when he is off duty.

YEEES MAN: Surprisingly, his family life is idyllic. He has been with his TV producer girlfriend, Elizabeth Clough, for more than 20 years and the couple have three children - Jessica, seven, and twins born last year.

ON THIS DAY: MAY 10, 1899: Big-screen song-and-dance great Fred Astaire born. 1977: Death of Hollywood legend Joan Crawford.

MAY 11, 1812: Tory PM Spencer Perceval assassinated in the House of Commons' lobby. 1985: Bradford City football fire kills 55.

MAY 12, 1820: Birth of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale. 1926: General Strike collapses after nine days. 1994: Death of Labour leader John Smith.

MAY 13, 1942: Birth of Sir Arthur Sullivan of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. 1981: Attempt on life of Pope John Paul II in Rome. 1991: Winnie Mandela guilty of kidnapping and assault.

MAY 14, 1796: First vaccination against smallpox. 1940: Dad's army, the Home Guard, set up. 1973: Skylab launched for start of six-year stint in space.

MAY 15, 1928: Australia's Flying Doctor service set up. 1941: Britain's first jet aircraft makes its maiden flight. 1991: Edith Cresson becomes French Prime Minister.

MAY 16, 1568: Mary Queen of Scots begins her exile in England. 1919: Birth of pianist and showman Liberace. 1983: Wheel clamps first employed in UK by London Police.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 10, 1998
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