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IT'S A BOOM IN BUSTS! More Welsh splashing out on boob jobs.

Byline: By TIM LEWIS

BOOB jobs for women and men are booming in Wales, despite the credit crunch.

Male breast reduction operations - to get rid of "man boobs" or moobs as they're known - are up a staggering 44% from last year and over 1,000% from 2003.

Costing up to pounds 4,000, it's now become the fifth most popular type of cosmetic surgery for men, taking over from facelifts.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has revealed 34,187 surgical procedures were carried out in 2008, over a 5% increase from 2007.

Boob enhancements were once again the most popular choice of surgery for women, growing 30% last year.

Max Murison, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS member in Wales, said: "People are still prepared to spend money on themselves if they think it will make their lives better. And plastic surgery can do that.

"The male physique is changing and so are attitudes towards it.

We've gone from a society where male breast reduction was not talked about - let alone done - to one where men are having the operations and openly discussing it."

More than 90% of all plastic surgery is carried out on women, but procedures on men are rapidly increasing.

Operations to lift eyebrows have gone up 60% over the past year among men.

Tummy tucks - a hit with celebrities such as Kerry Katona - shot up 30% in 2008 from the previous year, with 3,638 being done.

They cost around pounds 4,000 and anyone having one can expect to spend four days in hospital.

Breast enhancements are around pounds 3,500 plus the cost of the implants, nose jobs are pounds 3,000 and ear correction can cost up to pounds 2,400.

Dr Murison explained: "People are very influenced by what they see in the media when it comes to plastic surgery.

"Last year was definitely the year for having your nose done.

This year is going to be the year of the tummy tuck."

Dr Murison said they now deal with one person a month who has had plastic surgery abroad that's gone wrong.

People often travel to other parts of the world to have operations because they are up to half the price of surgery in the UK. He says the after effects of botched operations can include bleeding, infections, large scars, loss of feeling and a lack of symmetry.

"Running a private practice is very expensive because the insurance premiums you have to payare so high - that's why surgery is expensive in the UK," he said.

"But we go through all the possible outcomes of the surgery with each patient.

"Have your surgery abroad - where some real disasters do happen - and you can be thousands of miles away from your surgeon."
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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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