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ISRAEL - June 6 - Test of Missile Defence System Successful.

The successful test of a laser-based missile defence system may mean Israel will have a potent new weapon to defend against rocket attacks. (In the test, a 122 mm Katyusha rocket was fired from New Mexico's White Sands missile range. Seconds later, a chemical laser miles down range tracked and destroyed the rocket with an invisible beam.) The US Army says the test was of breakthrough technology called the Tactical High Energy Laser, designed by TRW Corp. Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon says: Israel has made it very clear that it will protect its people along its northern border", adding: The US has worked with Israel in the past to meet its security needs, and we'll continue to meet with Israel in the future". (Israel is fortifying its Lebanon border with high-tech detection devices to replace its military presence inside Lebanon. Israel had hoped to have the anti-Katyusha laser deployed before giving up its zone in Lebanon, but the US$190m project is behind schedule. It could be deployed early 2001, if testing shows the laser can destroy multiple rockets at once.)
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Jun 10, 2000
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