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ISPCON Fall 98 Exhibitor Profiles, A-M; Conference and Exposition to be held Sept. 28 through Oct. 1.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 28, 1998--ISPCON Fall 98, the only trade show dedicated to the Internet Service Provider, takes place this week at the San Jose Convention Center, Sept. 28 through Oct. 1.

ISPCON Fall 98 will feature more than 250 exhibiting companies and an expected audience of more than 5,000 internet industry professionals. For more information about ISPCON Fall 98, access the ISPCON site at

Listed below are profiles for companies participating in ISPCON Fall 98. These profiles and additional ISPCON Fall 98 exhibitor news will be available at

Company: Access Capital Booth No.: 1035 Contact: Mark Phillips/ 800-453-9771/ WWW:

Access Capital was created to provide a low cost, hassle-free leasing and financing option for growing Internet service providers in need of new equipment or software. As specialists in the industry (ISP's make up over 95% of our customer base), Access Capital offers customized lease structures and buyout options to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. Credit lines up to $150,000 are available with only a one-page lease application - no financial statements are needed. Leasing is available for virtually all types of equipment and can be purchased from any reseller or manufacturer.

Company: Activator(tm) / R. Lee Heath Booth No.: 429 Contact: Roger Heath/ 847-729-7522/ WWW:

Activator is an easy setup, full Internet front-end browser dialer system with many exclusive features including on-board personalized portal, multi-account filtering of sexual, violent, or specific content and times of access. It features a client/server for centralized sign-up and remote control over client browsers and connections, even through multiple ISPs on both UNIX and NT dialups, and direct dynamic auto-delivery of e-commerce. Activator is bundled with the most popular freeware/shareware and custom OEM, ISP, ecp power-marketing packages

Company: Advanced Computer Communications (ACC) Booth No.: Meeting Room 7/8, Ericsson booth #1245 Contact: Lisa Aviani/ 805-961-0628/ WWW:

On September 9, Ericsson, the world leader in telecommunications, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire ACC, a leading manufacturer of remote access and IP based networking products. ACC's award winning Tigris integrated access concentrator platform, private labeled by Ericsson as the IAS Central Access Server will be on exhibit at the Ericsson booth #1245.

In conference room 7/8, best selling technology author, Buck Graham will present the evolution of remote access, from terminal servers to multi-service, scaleable "Virtual POP" solutions, and will discuss how an ISP can effectively monitor and manage resources within these next-generation POPs to deliver the best possible service to customers.

Company: Allot Communications, Inc. Booth No.: 1440 Contact: Timothy Riley/ 408-399-3154 WWW:

Allot Communications introduces the Cache Enforcer, a cache redirection solution for improving network response time and reducing WAN traffic. The Cache Enforcer is a software option available on Allot's bandwidth management product line, the AC200 and AC300. The Cache Enforcer is part of Allot's Policy-Based Networking framework for solving the problems of network congestion and recurring WAN expense. The Allot solution integrates traffic shaping, server load-balancing, cache redirection, network monitoring, and accounting in a single system. By deploying this integrated solution, network managers use common rules and policies to control traffic flows to improve network performance.

Company: ArrowPoint Communications, Inc. Booth No.: 1603 Contact: Ervin Johnson/ 978-692-5875 x520/ WWW:

ArrowPoint Communications offers a next-generation Web switch designed to optimize Web response time and content availability for today's business-critical Web sites. The company's Content Smarta Switches provide new levels of price/performance, lower cost of ownership, carrier-class redundancy, and support for new applications and revenue opportunities for ISPs, Web-hosters, and corporate Intranets. The Content Smart Switch supercedes the contemporary collection of disparate routers, firewalls, LAN switches, and "traffic directors," replacing best-effort delivery and network bottlenecks with a highly integrated, scalable device.

Company: Artecon, Inc. Booth No.: 1642 Contact: Sudi Liu/ 760-931-5500/ WWW:

Artecon will be conducting a "hat trick" showcase, featuring three of its latest high-capacity storage solutions for ultra high availability ISP and telco applications:

1. LynxNSS network-attached RAID storage system. Designed to boost performance, lower response times, increase reliability and scalability, and reduce storage management costs. Perfect for sharing and serving up email files and FTP content.

2. SuperFlex 5500 dual-active controller RAID storage system. Unprecedented resiliency and availability, high performance, and ease of administration. Artecon's Dynamic Growth and Reconfiguration (DGR) technology maximizes system uptime.

3. LynxArray RAID in NEBS-certified, disaster-tolerant Web server rack with -48VDC telco support.

Company: Assured Digital Booth No.: 452 Contact: Adrian Bisaz/ 978-486-0555 x16/ WWW:

Assured Digital is demonstrating its Dynamic VPN Switching products. Of particular value to ISPs is the ADI-4500 and its unmatched price/performance ratio, enabling ISPs to capitalize on the growing demand for secure VPN services. ADI's products achieve the lowest total cost of ownership through plug-and-play installation and automated deployment and management.

ADI is also previewing the new ADI-1500 Dynamic VPN Switch for meshed site-to-site connectivity and extranet configurations for small to medium size networks. The product's cost-effective modular design enables field expansions for changing enterprise configurations of up to 32 meshed connections and up to 50 remote access dial-up clients.

Company: Balboa Capital Booth No.: 1331 Contact: Kristen Seastrom/ 949/756-0800/ WWW:

Balboa Capital specializes in providing equipment leasing and financing options for ISP's.

Balboa has structured a 40 month lease especially for the ISP industry. Currently the longest lease term offered to this industry, it helps keep payments low. Secondly, Balboa's "90 Day Deferred Lease Payment" program allows for the learning curve associated with new equipment. Payments can be deferred on a new lease for 90 days while the equipment is being implemented.

Balboa can issue approvals for up to $ 75,000 usually within 24 hours with a one page credit application. Credit applications can be submitted from our web site or you can fill out a "Quick Quote Request" online at

Company: Boutell.Com, Inc. Booth No.: 1256 Contact: Chris Adams/ 206-325-3009/ WWW:

Boutell.Com, Inc. offers web server log analysis software, group scheduling software, and other tools of interest to ISPs.

"Wusage," our web server log analysis package, runs on Windows NT, MacOS and UNIX. Features include search keyword reporting, popular "trails" reporting, "cookie" analysis and multiple-server analysis. ISP licenses are available. A friendly browser-based user interface is included.

"Shared Calendars," our group scheduling product, works with Apache and other Unix-based web servers. Any browser can be used to display and edit calendar entries. A specially priced "ISP license" allows ISPs to offer Shared Calendars as a standard virtual web server feature.

Company: Check Point Software Technologies Inc. Booth No.: 601 Contact: Cindi Johnson or Jodi Lazar/ 650-628-2000/ or WWW:

Check Point Software Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of policy-based management solutions for IP networks. The company is dedicated to enabling secure, reliable, and manageable business communications. The company's products include the world's leading enterprise security suite, FireWall-1(R), the industry's leading VPN family of solutions, VPN-1*, and the industry's premier bandwidth management solution, FloodGate-1*. MetaInfo, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Check Point, is a leader in network and IP address management software that simplifies the set-up, integration and administration of complex networks. For product information, please call (800) 429-4391 or (650) 628-2000 or visit our web site at

Company: Critical Path Booth No.: Meeting Room 3 & 4 Contact: Meghan Walsh/ 415-808-8702/ WWW:

Critical Path, Inc. provides email service solutions to ISPs, Web portals, Web hosting companies and corporations. Critical Path's email services improve performance, security and reliability; scale to an unlimited number of mailboxes and domains; and deliver advanced communications and commerce capabilities. The company earned "Investors' Choice" honors at the third annual Technologic Partners Internet Outlook conference in September 1998. Critical Path's comprehensive email service includes integrated POP and Web-based email hosting at its customers' domains, blocking of unsolicited bulk email, postmarking and timestamping functionality, and comprehensive customer support. Premium features include unified messaging, IMAP, return-receipt and certified delivery of email.

Critical Path's redundant architecture, coupled with the firm's strategy of connecting data centers to key Internet exchange points, brings "dial-tone" dependability and functionality to email service. Critical Path is currently under contract to provide email services for over 3 million users at over 100,000 domains.

Company: Crystal Beacon Technology Booth No: 1724 Contact: Doug Meltzer/ 650-638-2500/ WWW:

Crystal Beacon Technology has a proud tradition of solution oriented services, using the best products in the industry. We pride ourselves in looking at our customers* need(s) now and in the future. We do our best to provide a scaleable solution that will work for years to come. Many of our "All-Star" technical and sales staff come from the manufactures that we represent. The products listed herein are used in most of our solutions offered to provide a confidence and reliability factor for everyone involved. Due to the nature of the data communications industry, new products and technologies are being introduced at an incredible rate. From time to time, we will offer these new products/technologies to our customers to insure the best solution(s) for their needs.

Company: Dell Computer Corp. Booth No.: 249 Contact: Gary Moore/ 512-728-6403/ WWW:

Today at ISPCON, Dell Computer Corporation will highlight its servers, storage, and workstation products. Stop by and see our rack-dense data center and high performance Web hosting platforms. Learn how Dell custom builds every system to meet your business-critical needs, provides 7x24 support and professional services, and has several leasing options to help manage costs. Our products are designed for high availability to help keep your customers online. Take advantage of the latest hardware, NOS trends, and convergence of networking technologies through the Dell direct difference: accountability and choice.

Company: E-Centric Booth No.: 1555 Contact: John Young/ 415-537-3014 or 415-777-9158/ WWW:

E-Centric offers ISPs and Telcos a complete Unified Messaging outsource solution. Through E-Centric's GEM System, ISPs and Telcos can offer their users the convenience of sending and retrieving their email, voice mail, and faxes from any phone device or computer with Internet access. Come by E-Centric's booth (#1555) for more information and a demonstration.

Company: Elastic Networks Booth No.: 612 Contact: Susan Shirley/ 678-297-3061/ WWW:

Elastic Networks EtherLoop[tm] Technology

Elastic Networks will showcase its EtherLoop Technology, which utilizes standard protocols and modulation techniques to simultaneously send and receive clear voice and high-speed data calls over a single phone line at speeds approaching Ethernet. Like Ethernet, EtherLoop is a "burst" technology enabling the solution to optimize performance in the presence of line irregularities, interference, or changing traffic conditions. EtherLoop systems dynamically adapt in several ways to give the maximum bandwidth available for any application or service. Products based on EtherLoop Technology include the Elastic Elite Modem, the end-user "plug-and-play" Ethernet network device, and the Elastic Modem Multiplexer (ELMo 8), the backbone of the EtherLoop system that controls and directs voice and data traffic.

Company: Electric Lightwave Booth No.: 1255 Contact: Stacy Hendricks/ 425-450-9965/ WWW:

Electric Lightwave, an integrated communications provider, showcases the latest in high-speed dial-up and remote networking with Remote NetConnect. The service allows ISPs to access Electric Lightwave's network of high-speed modem servers and established Internet backbone, without having to build an entire network from the ground up. Remote NetConnect eliminates expensive capital investment and provides a cost-effective way for ISPs to expand into new markets. Electric Lightwave offers data, Internet access and broadband transport services to businesses nationwide. In the Western United States, the company is a full-service provider offering local and long distance service, videoconferencing and prepaid services.

Company: FatPipe software by Ragula Systems, Inc. Booth No.: 1512 Contact: Kimberly Stilson/ 800-724-8521/ WWW:

FatPipe tm Software by Ragula Systems, Inc.

FatPipe is the only software product that combines multiple analog or digital lines into a single high-speed connection. FatPipe offers lower costs, higher speeds, and access management tools for control of your network. Easy to install and support.

FatPipe Internet Office was specifically designed to deliver increased speed, more computing power, and significant cost savings for anyone who spends time on the Internet. This includes ISP's, power users, corporate users, etc.


1. Increase Internet data downloading speeds two to four times.

2. Operates independent of hardware and therefore does not

require any ISP equipment change. And, more . . .

Company: FoneFriend Systems, Inc. Booth No.: 700 Contact: Jack Wimsatt/ 202-363-2423/ WWW:

FoneFriend Systems, Inc. is demonstrating and taking orders for its FONEFRIEND for the first time at the ISPCON Fall 98. FoneFriend allows its users wherever they may be to place all the tollfree calls and messages regardless of length to one another for a modest down payment and $15 per month. FoneFriend employs revolutionary new technology and the public Internet to make this possible. No computer is required. ISPs et al. can expand their business base and earn high margin recurring revenues without the capital investment and regulatory risk that other Internet telephony options pose.

Company: Funk Software, Inc. Booth No.: 1318 Contact: Janet Lill/ 617-497-6339/ WWW:

Funk Software will be demonstrating how ISPs can use our award-winning RADIUS server, Steel-Belted Radius, to simplify remote user management and accounting/invoicing. Stop by our booth to learn more about: -Managing billing and associated customer issues, including concurrent logins and the ability to charge incrementally for services provided -Using SQL databases to manage billing and provide conditional access to the network (template SQL table formats will be distributed) -Interfacing with an external settlement house server to manage billing

Steel-Belted Radius runs on Solaris, Windows NT, and NetWare, and supports the widest range of remote access equipment and back-end authentication databases.

Company: GigaNews Booth No.: 147 Contact: Jonah Yokubaitis/ 512-427-1651/ WWW:

GigaNews provides news outsourcing to ISP's. Why spend time and money maintaining hardware and software updates? Utilize GigaNews and package outsourced news service as your own. The ISP Control Panel feature allows you to maintain control, for quick increases in capacity and 24x7 access to GigaNews engineering staff. Upgrades and account changes are guaranteed to take place in 5 minutes or less, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your network and provide an unbeatable level of news service. Five day free trial. $15 per stream. 14 day binary retention. Bulk pricing or personal accounts available.

Company: Hurricane Electric Booth No.: 555 Contact: Anna Shaver/ 408-282-1543/ WWW:

Hurricane Electric is a Business ISP specializing in colocation, dedicated servers, and direct connections. Hurricane Electric owns its network and is directly connected to several major exchange points, including MAE-West, MAE-East, PAIX, CIX, and the PacBell NAP. Hurricane Electric offers virtual hosting, fully managed servers, and colocation from 1Mbps to 155 Mbps. Hurricane Electric is able to accommodate a wide range of needs and has the ability to grow with the client. Hurricane Electric also offers a Value Added Reseller program and is interested in working with professional developers to help them build their business. Hurricane Electric, Your Industrial Internet!

Company: iBEAM Booth No.: 625 Contact: Peter Shankman/ 212-835-0494/ WWW:

iBEAM Broadcasting is rolling out a new Internet satellite service to efficiently "beam" high volume Internet traffic to a network of distributed servers at ISPs nationwide. The iBEAM service represents a next generation backbone enhancement for the Internet community enabling highly efficient streaming media applications for "iBEAM enhanced" service providers. You are invited to attend the launch press conference on Tuesday, 9/29 at 11:30

am, where Senior Management of iBEAM will be on hand to answer questions and guide you through this exciting "next step" in Internet content delivery.

Company: InfoLibria Booth No.: 1036 Contact: Sarah Lawson/ 781-641-0481/ WWW:

InfoLibria is dedicated to improving Internet functionality and performance. The company's breakthrough architecture, DynaNet, enables the Internet to move content efficiently, tailor content to users, and evaluate and filter traffic. InfoLibria's first product, DynaCache 200, makes using the Internet faster and less bandwidth-consuming by moving information to where it is needed, closer to users and off of the congested Internet backbone. As intelligent dynamic devices, DynaCache 200 boxes talk to each other and are aware of each other's presence in the network. This allows cached information to be shared and kept fresh. DynaCache 200 will be available later this fall and is being demonstrated at the ISPCON in the InfoLibria booth #1036.

Company: Integrix, Inc. Booth No.: 1631 Contact: Angela Schutt/ 805-376-1000/ WWW:

Founded in 1990, Integrix offers a complete line of RAID storage subsystems, SPARC and UltraSPARC rackmount servers, workstations and peripherals. The company provides scaleable, configurable, upgradeable products that offer the performance required for today's Internet/intranet based networks. Integrix also manufactures RAID controllers, SCSI adapters, graphic accelerator and frame buffer cards, SBus expansion units and enhanced keyboards at its Newbury Park, California headquarters. The company's products are sold worldwide through a network of VARs, OEMs, and resellers.

Integrix will be demonstrating the latest in its RAID and server technology at the show. The RS4 and RS10 servers move Integrix's server products into the PCI market. These servers will easily integrate with various types of system configurations and offer an extremely good value for their customers. The RD15 RAID storage unit will also be demonstrated at the show and is a breakthrough with 109GB of storage available.

Company: Intellicom, Inc. Booth No.: 1534 Contact: Paul Lanning/ 510-353-0100/ WWW:

Intellicom is the nation's only provider of fully wireless, two-way, high speed Internet connectivity for ISPs, school systems, businesses and other organizations seeking efficient, affordable connectivity and networking. Intellicom specializes in rural and remote locations where traditional T1 land lines are prohibitive or unavailable. With the release of

Intellicom's revolutionary T1Plus and Edge Connector products, Intellicom is truly able to provide an "Internet-in-a-box" solutions throughout North America, usually at a fraction of the cost of a traditional T1 line. Visit the Intellicom booth for a live, high speed, satellite-based demonstration and more information!

Company: Internet Finance & Equipment, Inc. Booth No.: 1117 Contact Name: Jim Hollis/ 800-919-4521/ WWW:

Local and Regional ISP's must have access to a reliable equipment and financial supplier to compete against venture-capital laden national providers. Internet Finance & Equipment (IF&E) is in our third year of working exclusively with ISP's and our highly successful 3-point ISP business development program is guaranteed to improve YOUR TIME and CASH FLOW - the most critical elements to ensure your business succeeds. IF&E's customers maintain high-growth while showing month-to-month net income of 35% or greater.

IF&E specializes in procuring new equipment, raising cash by selling or buying your existing equipment, and providing free financial and business consulting to our customer base. IF&E is the only equipment supplier (Ascend, Bay Networks, Cisco, 3Com/USR, Fore Systems, Livingston, others) that can cover procurement, salvage, and financing.

Company: InterPacket Group, Inc. Booth No: 1337 Contact: Lisa Pederssen/ 310-899-8920/ WWW:

InterPacket Group, Inc., based in Santa Monica, Calif., is the pioneer in providing high speed, international Internet connections via satellite. Through its network of satellite facilities and Internet backbone connections worldwide, InterPacket provides simplex, duplex and asymmetrical duplex services with guaranteed bandwidth (committed information rates) from the US backbone.

With ESPRESSO service to Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific Rim and has become the leader in global satellite Internet solutions.

ISPCON attendees can stop by booth 1337 for complimentary gourmet espresso drinks, test drive the speed of InterPacket's ESPRESSO service and register to win espresso machines daily!

Company: InterVU Booth: 1152 Contact: Doug Augustine/ 619-623-8400/ WWW:

InterVU Inc.[NASDAQ: ITVU] offers full-service online multimedia solutions to ISPs, VARs/resellers, Web site developers, online publishers, and others. The InterVU Network is the industry's first network dedicated to serving online video and multimedia, built to ensure the best possible viewing experience for the end user. InterVU's proprietary network infrastructure utilizes a configuration of intelligently distributed servers strategically located across multiple Internet backbones to optimize multimedia file availability for Web sites, providing rapid scalability and unparalleled reliability. InterVU encodes in all major digital multimedia formats and offers comprehensive multimedia services for live broadcasts, video on demand, and rich media advertising.

Company: IPivot Inc. Booth No.: 902 Contact: Ken Liu/ 619/679-7858 x230/ WWW:

IPivot's QoS Broker is the most extensible server management appliance that ensures Web site reliability, performance, scalability and QoS. It is an integrated LAN/WAN solution that provides 7x24 uptime, global failover, layer 4 or 7 routing, response-time based load balancing, and Class of Service-based priority access. QoS Broker enables ISPs to sell high-performing and fault-tolerant Web hosting, backup, premium access, news/SMTP/DNS failover, and geographic load balancing and failover services.

IPivot is introducing an aggressive marketing campaign for ISPs. The campaign will focus on previewing a QoS Broker version designed for ISPs and a special 20% discount program for 90 days. IPivot is also actively recruiting ISPs as resellers.

Company: Ipswitch Booth No.: 1313 Contact: Brian Landrigan/ 781-676-5700/ WWW:

Ipswitch, founded in 1991, develops Windows-based software products for the Internet and corporate intranets. The Ipswitch product family includes: WS_FTP Pro, the world's most popular FTP file transfer client; WhatsUp Gold, a multiprotocol network monitoring and notification tool; IMail for Windows NT, an Internet messaging server; and WS Ping ProPack, the ultimate Internet utility suite. Ipswitch is an ISP-friendly company. We have many satisfied ISP reference customers who are using our products to run their businesses more efficiently and to generate additional income by reselling Ipswitch products. We also make it easy for ISPs to enter the E-commerce business and profit from our experience.

Company: ISPhone Booth No.: 1453 Contact: Kenneth E. Moody/ 616-929-0970/ WWW:

ISPhone is a network of regional ISPs providing phone-to-phone long distance voice/fax service through common gateways and a private frame relay network. Each ISP operates under an exclusive arrangement and sets their own calling rate programs for the area in which they agree to terminate calls. The ISphone network is being created to provide additional IP services on a national/international level. (re: unified messaging and video/audio conferencing, etc.)

Company: ISP Power Corporation Booth No.: 1100 Contact: Carol Kim/ 808-539-3786/ WWW:

ISP Power Corporation produces software solutions that automate and integrate billing and customer management needs into one powerful and easy-to-use package. These software solutions will manage customer information, automate customer sign-up and server maintenance, and keep recurring billing on track by automatically charging, collecting from billing your customers. ISP Power, extremely powerful and flexible, uses MS Access as the backend database. PRISM, for use with MS SQL or Oracle backend databases, is highly scalable and designed for companies with more demanding database requirements and specialized needs. We are proud to announce PRISM support of MCIS version 2.

Company: Booth No.: 1647 Contact: Brad Duffy or Roger Felice/ Nashville - 615 327 9580 Australia- 612 9344 4044/ WWW: is a stand alone network with a database of over 500,000 authorized sites operating independently to the Internet. Children and families can safely and quickly access the very best the Internet has to offer without pornography, violence and other undesirable content. is not a software filter, it is an on-line service. Students have fast icon access to relevant, useful and informative sites via a web portal. There's education, games, sport, local information and little kids sites. We also offer on-line coaching, reference material, web publishing and e-mail within the network.

Company: Kiss Software Corporation Booth No.: 1515 Contact: Don Watters/ 714-979-5477/ WWW:

ISPs looking for inexpensive solutions to their customers' most crucial Internet concerns now can find them from Kiss Software Corporation in Booth 1515. KISSCO is introducing two new products: Speed Surfer Internet Toolbox 4.0, a utility package containing everything needed to make the Internet better, safer and faster, including anonymous cookies, lockdown, intelligent port blocking, optimization, encryption and more. And, Modem Wizard 4.0, everything needed to fix, speed up, tune and monitor the Internet connection. The latest update to this award-winning utility hits most modem connection problems head-on, including making sure that the telephone, modem software, operating system and browser all work together seamlessly.

Company: LookSmart Ltd. Booth No.: 1009 Contact: Elizabeth Connaghan/ 415-597-4850/ WWW:

The LookSmart Network is the leading partnership program with ISPs that combines Internet access from ISPs with tailored versions of the LookSmart navigation service for subscribers. The LookSmart/ISP co-branded homepage is an intuitive gateway to the Web, with immediate access to LookSmart's database of over 500,000 site listings in over 20,000 categories, AltaVista's search engine, and customizable daily local and national content. LookSmart will also be launching two new programs at ISPCON: ISP Passport and ISP Locator. ISP Passport is a content solution targeted to smaller ISPs, generally with subscriber levels under 2,000. ISP Locator is a worldwide ISP referral program reaching millions of potential subscribers through LookSmart.

Company: maxhost Internet Solutions Booth No.: 528 Contact: Shawn Terry/ 888-523-3989/ WWW: &

maxhost Internet Solutions, is unveiling its 4.0 version of their *HomeBaseWeb* Software. The HomeBaseWeb software allows virtually anyone to create and maintain their own web site via a web browser. Anything from a simple web site to an intricate e-commerce site with shopping cart can be handled by anyone with simple word processing skills. The 4.0 version gives the end user, more options for backgrounds and buttons, plus the same look and feel in the administration of their web site as the web wizard gives them. This makes the product more user friendly than ever.

Any ISP signing up at ISPCON will be able to offer this product to their clientele at special pricing. Additionally, marketing materials and training of the ISPs staff will be provided at no charge.

Company: MediaGate, Inc. Booth No.: 605 Contact: Cindy Adams/ 408-248-9495 x114/ WWW:

MediaGate will be making news on Tuesday, September 29! We closed an additional round of funding and iPost Release 3.0 is available.

MediaGate's schedule of events during the week includes:

o Presentation featuring Jonathan Taylor, CTO, on the topic of Universal Messaging Services, Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 9 a.m.

o In-booth reception featuring food and beverages at MediaGate's Booth No. [pilcrow (paragraph sign)] 605 on Wednesday, Sept. 30, from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

o MediaGate-sponsored luncheon featuring Al Wokas, President & CEO, Don't Lose Your Customers to Another ISP! on Thursday, Oct. 1 at noon.

o Daily presentations in the booth featuring A Vision for the NextGen ISP Market and Making Money with Universal Messaging.

Company: Microsoft Corporation Booth No.: 835 Contact: Tony Bawcutt/ 425-936-7611/ WWW:

Microsoft(r) will demonstrate ways for ISP's to build great new services on the very cost-effective Windows NT (r) Server platform. In particular, Microsoft will be featuring the newly released Microsoft Commercial Internet System (MCIS) 2.0 which provides: * Business features, allowing the ISP to host web sites, outsource intranets, and provide secure VPN's. * Commerce capabilities, providing complete retail store, mall and cross selling. * Rich management tools including usage and site management, and self-provisioning scripts.

In addition Microsoft will be featuring Microsoft FrontPage(TM) , Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Windows(r) 98, Microsoft Internet

Explorer 4.01, and WebTV (tm).

Company: Minuteman UPS Booth No.: 1709 Contact: David Brennan/ 972-446-7363 x240/ WWW:

Minuteman UPS understands the power protection needs of the Internet Service Provider. Our XRT Series delivers uninterruptible power for mission-critical applications with extended run times (up to 8 hours or more). Your customers expect reliability - and we provide you with power protection to keep you

network running 24 hours a day 7 days a week . The Pro Series Rackmount also provides 100% reliable power protection in a rackmount unit that is line interactive and designed for hubs, routers, bridges, servers, and phone systems.

Come by our Booth 1709 and let one of our experts show you our award winning products to protect not only your equipment but your reputation as well. Register to win a UPS at our booth. One given away each day of the show. In addition, pick up a Free UPS runtime chart to calculate your equipment backup requirements. The President of Minuteman, Ron Mazik, will also be attending the show to answer your questions.

Company: MovinCool/DENSO Sales of California, Inc. Booth No.: 1445 Contact: 310-952-7434/ WWW:

The new MovinCool Office Pro 12 cools overheating computer or telecom equipment in minutes. The Office Pro 12 provides 13,000 Btu/hr of cooling and operates on standard 115V power. It is designed to keep electronics operating by providing air-conditioning in the low 60'sF. The Office Pro 12 features a programmable digital controller for automatic operation even after-hours and weekends and a two-speed fan to control airflow. With the MovinCool portable air conditioner there is no costly instillation necessary. Suggested price is $3,295.

Company: Multiactive Technologies Inc. Booth No.: 1241 Contact: Farrah Jinha/ 604-899-6421 or 604-328-6049 (cell) / OR WWW:

ecBuilder is the first simple, affordable e-commerce and Internet presence software built for small business.

Distributed by ISPs, ecBuilder consists of 11 wizard-driven screens, allowing users to easily create a commerce-capable Web site with up to 100 item product / service catalog, marketing messages and company information. Graphics, logos and photos can be added to enhance the site and users choose from over 500 professionally designed Web site templates.

Attend a press conference on Wednesday Sept. 30 from 11 a.m.- noon in Room M to see a demo and learn about soon-to-be-released e-commerce products from Multiactive Technologies.
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