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ISLE GET MY COAT THEN; CHEATED DENTIST FLEES BARRA - Island reels after second affair wrecks another two marriages - Jilted husband flees 5000 miles to remote Atlantic island - Spurned wife drags marital bed into the street and burns it.


A JILTED dentist has fled his island home after his wife ran off with a married nature warden.

Robert McIntosh left Barra over wife Jackie's affair and moved to one of the world's most remote islands - 5000 miles away.

Meanwhile, the enraged wife of warden Jonathan Grant was so angry after being betrayed that she burned their marital bed in the street.

The 1200-strong island community has been stunned by the the second tangled affair to be exposed on Barra, in the Western Isles, in a month.

Islanders, mostly Catholic, were shocked when policeman Ray Robertson was thrown out by his wife over his relationship with a woman who works next door to the police station.

Now, dentist Robert, 46, was so distraught at being betrayed by wife Jackie, 44, he took up a six-month contract thousands of miles away on St Helena, a remote island in the middle of the South Atlantic.

The affair also destroyed 55-year-old Jonathan Grant's 30-year marriage to French teacher Jeannie, 51.

She was so upset she burned their wooden bed outside the home they had shared for more than two decades.

Jackie and Jonathan have now set up a love nest together in Northbay, just a few miles from both their former family homes.

Last night, a local said: 'This really has been the talk of the island. People are wondering whose marriage will be the next casualty.

'The relationship seems to have started while Jeannie was working. She would fill in as a teacher whenever someone was needed to cover in places like Oban. This seems to have left the way wide open for Jonathan and Jackie to start a relationship.

'Jeannie couldn't believe it when she was dumped. She and her husband have three daughters as well as several grandchildren and have been married for nearly 30 years.

'She is a very religious person and was so angry about the affair that she actually burned her bed.

'She has taken off her wedding ring because she feels so humiliated and is simply distraught.

'Barra is such a small place that she can never escape having to see them.'

Jackie and Robert moved to the island with their young son several years ago from the sun- drenched Turks and Caicos Islands, in the Caribbean. They quickly became respected members of the community.

A family friend said: 'Everyone thought their marriage was rock-solid and they really did seem like an ideally matched couple.

'We were all stunned when Jackie left Robert for a man nearly a decade older.'

Jackie quit the couple's luxury home and set up house with her married lover just a few weeks ago. Last night, a neighbour of the couple said: 'Jackie and Jonathan seem to make a very nice couple but the way they got together has stunned people.

'Everyone liked Robert and he is extremely popular.

'When Jackie announced she was having an affair, he literally couldn't believe it. He really thought she would come to her senses and dump this guy, who is, after all, a grandfather.

'But as time went on, he slowly began to realise that maybe she wasn't going to come back to him and that is when he decided he had to get off the island for a while.

'He took a six-month contract at the hospital in St Helena and arranged for a locum to fill in at his surgery. But Idon't know if, even now, he is still harbouring hope that he and Jackie will get back together.

'He has told friends he would come back immediately if she came to her senses and there is sympathy for what has happened to him.

'But although everyone has been shocked by the affair, Jackie is also very well liked. People have been trying to come to terms with what has happened but marriages on Barra seem to be disintegrating left, right and centre.

An islander said: 'Even the most devoted couples are quaking in their boots and we are all wondering who is going to be next.

'Jonathan Grant has never had a whiff of scandal attached to his name.

But the problem with a small community like this is that you can't hide anything.'

Last night, jilted wife Jeannie, who is working as a part-time receptionist at the Isle of Barra Hotel, said: 'I have my children to consider and I don't want this to cause embarrassment to them.

'I don't want to say anything because I want to protect my daughters.'

Robert refused to comment, as did Jackie and Jonathan.

Amazingly, the dentist is not the first spurned husband to quit Barra in a blaze of scandal in favour of St Helena, which has a population of 4000.

Several years ago, teacher Eldo Pisinesci fled with his wife after her alleged affair with the local librarian.

Last week, love-cheat policeman Ray Robertson made a grovelling public apology to the community after it was revealed that his wife had thrown him out.

In the local paper, Guth Bharraidh, he acknowledged his recent family 'difficulties,' and said: 'I am very proud of having had the opportunity and privilege of living and working within the community and hope that over the past three years I have provided the professional service expected and required of me and that I have not let you down.

'I cannot say now what the future holds for me but I hope that the islands will continue to welcome and support my children, who have settled here.'


Bed-lam: Jilted wife Jeannie; THE GREAT ESCAPE; Barra; St Helena Robert McIntosh was so hurt by the affair he moved 5000 miles from Barra to St Helena; Love tangle of the isles: Castlebay, on lovely Barra, the setting for the affair between Jonathan Grant, right, and Jackie McIntosh, inset
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 15, 2004
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