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ISG Navigator/Bridge now available on Microsoft's Web Site.

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 5, 1996--ISG International Software Group Ltd. (Nasdaq NMS: SISGF) today announced the immediate commercial availability of its flagship product, ISG Navigator/Bridge.

Microsoft announced on Sept. 3 the availability of the OLE DB SDK (Software Development Kit) which includes ISG Navigator/Bridge as part of the SDK. ISG Navigator/Bridge, the first and only native OLE DB distributed data access middleware, was selected by Microsoft to be available through Microsoft for evaluation by software and hardware companies. Such partners may download ISG Navigator/Bridge from Microsoft's Web Site at: ISG Navigator/Bridge, a member of the ISG Navigator product family, provides, among other things, efficient ODBC access to OLE DB data sources.

OLE DB is rapidly gaining acceptance among both data providers and data consumers. Many leading database vendors and Independent Software Vendors have already committed to support the OLE DB standard. Microsoft's future applications and development tools will provide OLE DB interfaces, as will Microsoft's Internet Information Server and Browser.

IDC, a leading industry analyst, in its just issued report on the middleware market, projects that the worldwide middleware software market will grow to $5.9 billion in the year 2000 of which data access middleware, where ISG Navigator is represented, will be $2.9 billion.

Arie Gonen, chairman and CEO of ISG, said, "This is an exciting time for our company. The release of ISG Navigator is the culmination of over 60 man-years of development effort. We are receiving excellent responses and are discussing strategic alliances with leading hardware and software companies. We are confident that ISG Navigator is poised to become the leading data access middleware product, utilizing the most modern technology, in an industry where the importance of data access middleware is expected to become very significant. ISG Navigator facilitates data access and integration capabilities for Internet browsers and Client/Server applications and therefore we expect the industry to adopt ISG Navigator as the industry's standard for data connectivity."

Dr. Ike Sagie, ISG's vice president of R&D, further explained the advantage of the OLE DB standard and the unique advantages of ISG Navigator. Dr. Sagie said, "While the ODBC standard is a common interface for accessing homegeneous, relational database systems, the much broader OLE DB standard offers many advantages which make OLE DB the preferred data access standard for modern software products. ISG Navigator is the only middleware product that harnesses the full power of OLE DB through its unique, native OLE DB implementation which also incorporates an interim ODBC interface."

Some of the main advantages of OLE DB as fully implemented in ISG Navigator for data access are:

ACCESS TO NON-RELATIONAL DATA - OLE DB defines specific interfaces for pre-relational and post-relational data sources, which represent approximately 80 percent of the data, according to analysts. These interfaces are easier to build than ODBC interfaces. ISG Navigator currently provides efficient OLE DB access for RMS, CISAM, Adabas, and MUMPS. The company anticipates Mainframe database drivers to be available in 1997. ISG Navigator also provides an SDK for rapid development of OLE DB drivers for other file systems.

OPTIMIZED OLE DB QUERY PROCESSING - ISG Navigator comes with a state-of-the-art OLE DB query processor and cost-based optimizer. ISG Navigator accepts requests for data in standard SQL.

DATA INTEGRATION - OLE DB is the perfect standard for data integration due to its uniform interface to heterogeneous data providers. ISG Navigator supports efficient data integration through heterogeneous joins performed close to the data source. ISG Navigator reduces the complexity of multi-database programming and provides globally efficient data access.

MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT - OLE DB requires COM services. ISG Navigator incorporates a proprietary COM module to be used in cases where the native operating system does not include COM services. As a result, ISG Navigator currently supports Windows 95, WinNT, AIX, Digital UNIX, AIX, Solaris(UNIX) and OpenVMS.

REMOTE PROCESSING AND INTERNET ACCESS - ISG Navigator fully supports DCOM (Distributed COM). With DCOM, OLE DB data providers and data services can be distributed across the network and the Internet, providing access to applications regardless of where they reside. ISG Navigator includes proprietary built-in DCOM services on all supported platforms, thus making ISG Navigator a truly distributed middleware. Data access and processing is performed near the data, even on remote computers, to minimize communication traffic and expense, thereby efficiently utilizing the power of each data provider. ISG Navigator also employs intelligent caching algorithms to further optimize remote data access.

ISG is a leading supplier of application development and integration tools for distributed, heterogeneous environments. ISG provides a family of software tools that revitalize legacy systems and integrate them with desktop applications. ISG products address programmers' needs in building enterprise-wide client/server solutions. ISG's products are standard-based (OLE DB and ODBC), are available on multiple platforms and provide database-independent access to many databases and file systems. The company's principal products are: ISG Navigator, CorVision10, and APTuser. ISG has sales and support offices in the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China and Australia. (

CONTACT: ISG International Software Group, Burlington

Arie Gonen, CEO, 617/221-1450

Email:, Fax: 617/272-2531


Sunrise Financial Group, New York

Derek Caldwell, Executive VP, 212/421-1616

Fax: 212/421-5944
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Date:Sep 5, 1996
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