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 ATLANTA, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- BellSouth becomes one of the first regional telephone companies to offer Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Individual Line service to residences and businesses as a result of the Tennessee Public Service Commission's approval of BellSouth's tariff this week.
 The tariff becomes effective Oct. 21 and will make ISDN available to every South Central Bell customer in Tennessee at standard rates. No other regional telephone company has made ISDN as widely available.
 The approval of this tariff brings to a close the ISDN Individual Line trial which began in January of this year. Over 125 Tennessee customers participated in the trial by installing the service in their homes or businesses at no monthly rate.
 During the trial South Central Bell developed procedures, worked with equipment and software vendors to develop new applications, and established a program to assist customers with systems integration. Combined as needed with software and premises equipment, ISDN Individual Line service can be an innovative means to resolve customer problems.
 "ISDN Individual Line service was designed to meet the needs of our large customers with multi-line digital data needs, as well as the small business and residential customer with individual line needs," said Robert L. Capell, BellSouth's senior director for data services. "Our customers have told us that this service is useful for the following applications."
 Complex business customers
 -- LAN connectivity
 -- Video telephony
 -- Image processing
 -- Point of sale
 Small business customers
 -- Image processing
 -- Video conferencing
 -- LAN connectivity
 -- Informational database access
 -- Telecommuting/work at home
 -- Home security
 -- Information services
 -- Energy management
 According to Capell, filing tariffs for ISDN Individual Line service is BellSouth's latest move in aggressively deploying ISDN in its region. BellSouth has been offering ESSX(R) service ISDN since 1991 and in February of this year became the first regional company to have MegaLink(R) ISDN or primary rate (23B+D) available region-wide.
 The educational community will also see some benefit from this service offering. In order to promote use of ISDN in elementary and high school classrooms, a special educational rate will be offered in Tennessee.
 Providing ISDN throughout the state is one part of the Tennessee Public Service Commission's FYI Tennessee program, which includes expanding Tennessee's fiber optic network into every county of the state and adding a Signaling System Network (SS7). SS7 will allow everyone to have access to intelligent network services like Caller ID, Call Return, and the other TouchStar(R) services, as well as ISDN.
 Tariffs for ISDN Individual Line service will be filed in the remaining eight BellSouth states by the end of the year.
 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc., with headquarters in Atlanta, provides unified direction and support for the local telecommunications operations of BellSouth (NYSE: BLS) in the southeastern United States.
 BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc. does business as Southern Bell in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and as South Central Bell in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. These companies serve more than 19 million local telephone lines and provide local exchange and intraLATA long distance service over one of the most modern telecommunications networks in the world.
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