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* WITH the death toll in Afghanistan continuing to rise, now may be the time to pull out the troops and re-assess the situation. pounds 20letter It does seem like a very difficult conflict in which to make any real progress and as the threat of terrorism will always remain, is the inevitable loss of more life worth it? - Angus McGregor, Edinburgh * THE Americans and Russians reducing their stockpile of nuclear arms may be good news for world peace in general.

However, since both countries - as well as other nuclear powers such as Britain - will still have more than enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet several times over, is this action somewhat hollow? - A. M., by email * I HAVE long sought the chance to make a day trip to Lewis to attend Sunday morning worship with one of the many Free Church congregations on the island.

Unfortunately, even though Caledonian Macbrayne are now finally to sail to Stornoway on a Sunday, the arrival of their ship seems to be timed precisely to avoid this sort of tourism. Perhaps this is something that the local council, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, may wish to take up in the interests of the local economy? - John Eoin Douglas, by email * THE picture of Katie Price on horseback in last week's Sunday Mail caught my attention as she was not wearing a riding helmet.

She really should know better and be setting young riders a good example. - Mary Dawson, Westwood, East Kilbride. * WHY should anyone have sympa- thfor the people gored during Spain's bull runs? They bring it on themselves. It's time these festivals were stopped as every year people are badly injured or even killed. I'll bet even most Spaniards would like to see the back of them. - G. Drummond, Govan, Glasgow.

* WHAT possessed blundering prosecutors to allow the Tracey brothers to walk free after they savagely beat up a young girl and her boyfriend (last week's Sunday Mail)? Fiscals claim they could not read each nother's notes and the thugs got off. They should hang their heads in shame. - M. Mullen, Blantyre, Lanarkshire.

* I'M shocked by the news that Cherie Blair has been struck down with swine flu. I always thought she was a dead cert for mad cow disease! - Alison Smith, Kilmarnock. * MY teenage daughter Lynsey was doing a magazine quiz with my niece Alice, who's seven. "When is it right to kiss someone?" asked Lynsey. "When he's rich?" said Alice. Out of the mouths of babes.. - Fiona Dunlop, by email.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 19, 2009
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