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Dear Coleen I'VE been seeing my boyfriend for three years and I've always come second to his business. He runs car dealerships and had done very well for himself, building a great business from nothing.

I used to be incredibly proud of him and he's generous with his money, but not with his time.

I hardly ever see him and, when I do, he's always on his phone or totally exhausted. He lets me down all the time and I can't see him ever being around if we got married and had a family.

I'm in my early 30s and need to make decisions about where I'm going in life and who I want to be with. Am I overreacting? Coleen says HE SOUNDS very driven and work is clearly his main focus - and that might never change. So would you be happy with that? You're looking for more commitment after three years of dating, so tell him that. I don't know if you've ever had the conversation about how you see your futures, but I think now is a good time. Maybe he's been so busy with work, he's just never stopped to think about it all. I know a few workaholics who thrive on the pressure of work, but it can be hard for partners.

I doubt you'll be able to change him but you might be able to find a balance that works for you both if you lay your cards on the table and are honest with him about how you feel.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 19, 2019
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