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Lenny is determined to get away with Lydia's murder, and plans to silence Alex.

When Poppy sets out to prove that Alex is innocent, Lenny coerces Nicole into smuggling something into the jail. She obliges, unaware that Lenny is double-crossing her.

Stevie is sharing a cell with Alex and is tired of hearing him insist he's done nothing wrong. However, when Stevie finds Alex injured in his cell, Alex tells him how Lenny mistreated Kelly-Marie.

Seeing the evidence before him, Stevie believes that Alex isn't guilty, and the pair plan revenge on Lenny.

Elsewhere, Amber's grief proves too much for her to bear and she refuses to support Poppy in Alex's defence case.

Unable to cope, she turns to drugs. Lou starts to worry and she tells Lenny the truth about Amber.

Meanwhile, AJ is annoying Ellie with his attitude towards Callum. Later, the pair spend time together and find some common ground.



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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 9, 2019
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