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 COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Irvine Sensors Corp. (NASDAQ: IRSN) today announced the receipt of a 15-month, approximate $600,000 contract award from the U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command to design integrated circuitry for a focal plane with a combination of features that were previously thought to be unachievable in a single sensor. The new type of focal plane, dubbed a Multi- Spectral Smart Retina(TM) (MSSR) by Irvine Sensors, will ultimately provide high-resolution images in conjunction with "eye-like" feature extraction while simultaneously viewing up to 16 different colors ranging from Ultra Violet, through the human visible, and continuing all the way into Infrared frequencies.
 The combination of these features would enable an advanced sensor to "see" targets which would otherwise be naturally obscured or actively concealed by techniques such as camouflage, decoys, or jamming. An example of such a target could be an advanced ballistic missile warhead surrounded by maneuverable decoys and flared designed to "blind" infrared sensors. Such a target would be virtually impossible to pinpoint with conventional sensor technology.
 The range of applications of the MSSR technology could be extensive since positive identification of threats or targets is at the heart of all types of military engagements. Because of the ability to view scenes in different spectral frequencies simultaneously, the MSSR technology could also offer a unique tool for satellite-based resource mapping or other types of analysis from Earth or planetary observations satellites. The most far-reaching impact of the technology, however, may eventually be felt in the commercial arena because of the MSSR bandwidth compression technique that allows these multiple functions to be integrated. Such bandwidth compression is necessary for the high- speed manipulation of high-resolution images which is central to a number of emerging commercial technologies, including High Definition Television.
 At the heart of Irvine's MSSR technology will be the ability to rapidly sample, digitize, and multiplex the output of 16 different detectors into a single signal. Each of the detectors in the 16-element sub array could respond to different frequency inputs, thus providing the simultaneous multispectral capability. This multiplexing will also have the effect of multiplying the resolution of such devices by a factor of 16, thereby producing high resolution while at the same time permitting sophisticated signal processing to be integrated on the focal plane. One such sophisticated feature to be incorporated is a lateral resistive network, similar to that of the eye, which Irvine pioneered in its Neural Network development. This feature is expected to help eliminate the effects of glare.
 Irvine Sensors, headquartered in Costa Mesa, is primarily engaged in the development of sensing devices and high density packages of computer electronics which are intended to have broad applications in military and commercial systems.
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Date:Oct 4, 1993

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