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HyperVision, Ltd. recently sold 100 licenses of WorX SE, the premier Word-based XML editor, to the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, part of the US Treasury Department. The purchase is one indication that the vast technology market potential for content management tools is being realized, slowly but surely, in the business and government sectors.

When integrated into an overall content management system, WorX SE will facilitate the publication of legal opinions to the Internet, Intranet or other media, thus helping accomplish the Office of Chief Counsel's goal of making electronic opinions more accessible while maintaining their quality and accuracy.

Once authors complete their opinions, the XML produced by WorX is easily translated to the Internet or other electronic forms using style sheets and HTML. XML also allows easy storage and retrieval of the opinions for a variety of uses through database integration.

Set in response to client and taxpayer demands, the Treasury project team's search focused on finding a more automated means of publishing the opinions. While the value of adopting an XML standard was recognized for its ability to reduce transcription time and error, it was also felt that many opinion authors were unlikely to welcome any editor other than MS Word.

The project team chose WorX for Word because it accommodates authors of all technical levels, their experience and knowledge base, without extensive re-training and with the ability to store, retrieve and re-use content without re-editing it.

A significant investment, the 100-license purchase is yet a first-phase implementation. If the Office of Chief Counsel's requests for further funding are granted, thousands of authors could find themselves using WorX within a year of successfully completing the first phase.

"We are greatly excited by the possibilities opened by the IRS Office of Chief Counsel's choice," said HyperVision President Bert Sheingate. "There are a vast number of public and private organizations out there that are moving towards XML, but their projects are stalled by the need to accommodate authors who prefer a product that can integrate with the full functionality of Word. The successful implementation of WorX for the Office of Chief Counsel could easily bring more of these organizations to choose our product as a component of the XML systems they will be designing and building in the near future."
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Date:Sep 10, 2001
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