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 IRS DEBUTS FILE-BY-PHONE PILOT PROGRAM TeleFile voice processing system developed by Microlog Corp. offers

tax refunds in half the time, fewer errors and lower processing costs.
 GERMANTOWN, Md., Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- This year for the first time, more than 1.2 million U.S. taxpayers will be able to phone in their federal tax returns by using TeleFile, a voice processing system developed for the Internal Revenue Service by Microlog Corp. (NASDAQ: MLOG), Germantown.
 TeleFile is part of IRS' efforts to streamline tax processing while making tax filing easier and more accessible. When taxpayers dial up TeleFile, they are prompted to enter their W-2 information over the keypad on their touch-tone telephone. TeleFile immediately calculates the caller's refund or tax owed and informs the taxpayer of the amount.
 Anticipated benefits include tax refunds within 2-3 weeks, half the usual time; reduced time to file -- an average of only five minutes; fewer errors in refund and tax computation and, therefore, fewer penalties or fines for underpayment; less time for computer data entry by IRS personnel; and lower tax processing costs.
 TeleFile initially is being tested in Ohio during the 1992 filing season, from Jan. 10 to April 15. The IRS is planning a second trial in 1993. Depending on the success of both tests, the IRS may expand the program to the rest of the nation. Future TeleFile services could be designed to handle complex tax returns to broaden the base of eligible users, as well as provide file-by-phone capabilities for state tax returns. More Than One Million Ohio Taxpayers Can Participate
 This year, eligible TeleFile users comprise the 1.2 million Ohio residents who qualify to file 1040EZ returns (i.e., single persons with incomes of less than $50,000 per year). The IRS is sending these taxpayers the new 1040 -TEL tax return package which will include an optional 1040EZ form.
 The 1040-TEL form directs the taxpayer to place an 800 number call using a touch-tone phone, which TeleFile answers on the first ring. A friendly computerized telephone "interview" then takes place in which the caller keys in information from the W-2 form. TeleFile immediately calculates the tax or refund and tells the taxpayer the amount. TeleFile users need only write in the refund amount or balance due on the 1040-TEL form, sign it, attach their W-2 forms, and mail the 1040-TEL to the IRS. The mailed-in form is used for recordkeeping purposes. A Logical Next Step
 "We view the TeleFile application as a logical next step for voice processing," said Joseph J. Lynn, president and CEO of Microlog. "People are already using their telephones to check their bank balance and pay their bills. Now they can file their tax returns just by using a phone. That means voice processing is rapidly fulfilling its potential to do what technology does best: make people's lives simpler and more convenient."
 According to Lynn, Microlog also was the logical choice to develop the TeleFile system because of the company's strong track record providing customized voice processing solutions for government agencies. To date Microlog has sold more than 300 systems to federal, state, and local government users, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Bureau of the Census, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks, Social Security Administration, and Department of Commerce.
 In addition, Microlog is a seasoned supplier to the IRS. The company's VCS 3500 systems currently provide voice processing capabilities for the IRS Teletax automated telephone information system, which gives taxpayers free nationwide access to tax and refund information. TeleFile Gets The Nod From Taxpayer Advocacy Group
 According to the National Taxpayers' Union headquartered in Washington D.C., TeleFile's combined benefits -- particularly its ability to speed returns and prevent errors -- represent a major step toward easing taxpayers' burden in an era of recession and complicated tax code.
 According to David Keating, executive vice president of the National Taxpayers' Union, "I think it's good that the IRS is testing this system because it could improve the accuracy rate, could make it easier for taxpayers to file their returns, and could speed refunds. If the test is successful in Ohio, by all means the IRS should expand TeleFile to the other 49 states." About Microlog
 Microlog Corp. is a leading supplier of voice processing systems to federal, state and local government agencies. The company develops and markets both customized and standard voice processing solutions, including the CallStar(TM) series of expandable systems. Microlog sells its products through a direct sales force and an extensive distribution network in the United States, and worldwide through Racal Recorders Ltd., a division of Racal Electronics.
 Microlog is a public company (NASDAQ: MLOG) founded in 1969 and headquartered in Germantown. Marketing, sales and customer support services are based in Rancho Cordova, Calif.
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