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IRISHMAN FRACTURED SKULL FIGHTING TURKS; Tourist didn't notice he had been injured.

Byline: JON DEAN

AN Irish tourist who took on an armed Turkish gang alone fractured his skull and broke his arm during the fight but didn't notice the injuries.

Mohammed Fadel Dobbous only went to hospital after his friends insisted he get checked out.

The Kuwati-born man, who has become an internet star after CCTV footage of the fight went viral, had to undergo surgery after suffering a cracked skull, broken arm and shoulder blade during the melee.

The footage of Mr Dobbous getting the better of more than a dozen armed men has become an internet sensation.

Social media users from both Ireland and Turkey have hailed him a hero - with one woman even offering her hand in marriage.

The CCTV clip, which is reminiscent of a Kung Fu film, shows locals swarming around Mr Dobbous, attacking him with chairs and wooden poles. Turkish news website T24 reporter Kubra Par said she found out that Mr Dobbous had suffered a skull fracture when she called regarding a planned interview.

She said: "We scheduled an interview but we couldn't meet because he had urgently been rushed to hospital.

"I called his lawyer Gokhan Cindemir to learn about his condition.

"Cindemir confirmed the information and said Dobbous's skull fracture had only just been noticed."

Local police said they were investigating the incident and may be taking legal action against the shopkeepers for attacking the tourist. They also confirmed that the charges could include attempted murder given the severity of the Irishman's injuries.

In the clip, Mr Dobbous shows he is more than a match for his attackers as he ducks their blows before landing some knockout punches of his own.

One assailant was floored with a single punch.

It later emerged the man's teeth had been knocked out. The trouble started in Istanbul's Aksaray district when the Irishman opened a fridge in a shop and all the bottles of water spilled out into the street.

The shopkeeper took offence and hit him with a stick, reported Today's Zaman. Dozens of neighbouring shop owners then joined the fracas and a full street brawl broke out.

However, they quickly realise they are not dealing with an ordinary tourist as Mohammed calmly deals with each one of them.

At one point he even takes a moment to secure his sunglasses to his head while dodging the objects thrown at him.


SURGERY Mohammed

KNOCKOUT Mohammed floors opponent

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2015
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