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SHY housewife Fiona Kalin went for bust when she decided to transform her image.

For the stunning mum-of-two now spends her days sheik-ing her assets.... as a sultry Bedouin dancer.

Fiona tutors an assorted group of seven to 70-year-olds in the ancient art of belly-dancing.

They flock to her classes at Stranmillis College in Belfast to mimic her raunchy movements.

Yet Fiona, who lives in Newtownards, Co Down, can hardly believe the change in her lifestyle.

"It was just a wild impulse," she said. "I still don't know what possessed me to get into it.

"I was playing with my children when I heard an advert on the radio for a belly-dance instructor.

"My first thought was why not give it a chance.

"I was desperately shy and I just felt it might bring me out of myself.

"I found very quickly that I had an aptitude for it and in no time at all I was on my own teaching others how to dance."

Fiona's daughters Arielle, 4, and three-year-old Elyssa, were shocked onlookers as she carefully perfected her silky skills in front of the living room mirror.

"I was forever flouncing around the house and the kids, never mind the neighbours, must have wondered what on earth I was up to," she said.

"But the reaction from everyone to what I'm now doing has been tremendous.

"People who attend the classes really do love the dance and it's also a tremendous way of keeping fit."

Fiona did, however, have one unwitting link to the mysteries of the past.

She worked as a radio carbon technician, a job which involved the dating of organic data.

American-born hubby Robert has, in Fiona's own words, been a tower of strength as she branched out in her new career.

And, like us, we're sure he'll agree that it certainly hasn't done her any harem!
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Author:Oliver, Joe
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2000
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